New Research Proves Brains of Children with Autism are Loaded with Aluminum!!

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As you may or may not know, Autism is a developmental disorder found in children. Children with autism usually have trouble with social interaction and communication with others. They also tend to have restrictive and repetitive behavior. Autism is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors most of happen during pregnancy.

Recently however, there was a study conducted by Keele University in Staffordshire England, which found that the brains of children diagnosed with autism are loaded with dangerously high levels of aluminium.

For the very first time, Professor Christopher Exley and his team had the unique opportunity to examine the brain tissue of people who had died with a diagnosis of autism allowing them to make this medical breakthrough discovery.

Vactruth reports:

And what they discovered was truly shocking. Their study determined that the brain tissue of individuals who had died with a diagnosis of autism contained the highest levels of aluminum of any other brain tissue that had been examined by the team.

In a video released on November 29, 2017, Exley explained his findings. He stated that:

“We were able to do two things, we were able to measure how much aluminum was in the brain in individuals who had died with autism, and we also able to look at the aluminum in the tissue using a microscopy technique called fluorescence. The amount of aluminum in the brain tissue was, I would say extraordinarily high.”  (own emphasis)

The results of their study shocked the team because, over the years.

They had examined the brain tissue of well over one hundred individuals and, according to Exley, the brain tissue of the individuals who had died with a diagnosis of autism contained the highest levels of aluminum that the team had ever seen.

Exley explained that the only brains that he had seen containing similar amounts of aluminum were the brains of the patients who had died with a diagnosis of familial Alzheimer’s disease.

He stated that:

“In this relatively young group of people, some thirteen, fourteen, fifteen years of age, we saw more aluminum than we had seen in other circumstance.”

Exley’s statement is truly shocking, especially when you consider that he and his team had previously been examining the brain tissue of more senior patients who had died of Alzheimer’s disease.

You would expect to find that individuals who died in their seventies and eighties would have a far greater concentration of aluminum in the brain than those who had died at the tender age of thirteen.

Exley continued by revealing that:

“Perhaps equally important if not more important were the microscopy studies. Microscopy studies enabled us to identify where the aluminum was in the brain tissue.

“When we looked at the brains of people with a diagnosis of autism, we found something completely different, something we have never seen before, as yet in any other set of human brains. We found that the majority of aluminum was actually inside the cells, ‘intracellular.’”

He explained that these cells were carrying with them a cargo of aluminum from the body into the brain. He stated that:

“We also saw evidence that cells in the lymph and in the blood were passing into the brain, so they were carrying with them a cargo of aluminum from the body into the brain.

“This is the first time in any brain tissue that we have seen, so this is a stand out and as yet unique observation in autism.”

This leads us to question, where the aluminum was coming from?

We Are Being Bombarded with Aluminum Every Day

As many of us are aware, we are living in what Exley calls “the age of aluminum.” The human body is being bombarded with aluminum in everyday products.

For example, many of our foods, vaccinations, medications, baby products, cosmetics, cleaning products and even soft furnishings contain aluminum, and it appears that we are powerless to prevent the ever-increasing onslaught.

However, despite the fact that aluminum is known to be a toxic substance and, according to the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, a potential health hazard, aluminum has been named as the second most used metal in the world after steel, largely due to its versatility.

Exley Now Concerned About the Aluminum Content in Vaccines

Before embarking on this study, Exley had believed that there was no safe alternative to aluminum as an adjuvant in vaccinations. However, since studying the aluminum/autism link he has had a change of heart.

He explained that:

“Because I have seen the same cells from the ones seen at the injection site carrying a cargo of aluminum into the brain tissue of individuals who have died of autism, I would now say we have to think very carefully about who receives a vaccine which includes an aluminum adjuvant.

“We have to think carefully, is this vaccine a life saving vaccine or not? If it isn’t, don’t have it with an aluminum adjuvant.”

Exley’s study was funded in part by the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI), an organization whose members have believed for many years that aluminum has been the cause of neurological disorders.

On their website, they have stated that:

“The Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute, also known as CMSRI was established to provide funding for research to address eroding national health, particularly in very young and elderly populations.

“Concerns have been raised by the scientific community about the acknowledged significant increases in immune, inflammatory and cognitive disorders in children and adults ranging from asthma and neurodevelopmental disorders to the emergence of previously rare but serious autoimmune health conditions and age related disorders in the nervous system during the past three decades.”

They continued:

“The effect of vaccines on the immune and neurological systems must also be assessed in association with cognitive function as it is related to academic performance and systemic effects on the educational system.

“As schools enforce government vaccine policies, a valid assessment of impact will support future decisions about public health policies as they relate to school policies.”

In reality, Exley’s suggestion to only vaccinate with a vaccination containing an aluminum adjuvant if it is completely necessary is easier said than done.

According to research, vaccinations containing aluminum have only been added to the childhood immunization schedule when some vaccines containing mercury were removed and the number of vaccines containing this adjuvant appears to be increasing every year.

It’s time for schools to rethink their policies on vaccinations. It’s also seriously time for parents to rethink vaccinating their children. How can we continue to harm children knowing what we know today about current vaccinations? How can schools continue to require parents innoculate their children knowing the harms that vaccinations can cause?


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Resource: Truth Uncensored


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