New Released FBI Texts Show Agents Discussing Recruiting White House Sources To Spy On Trump

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New texts between former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok to his concubine FBI Attorney Lisa Page have been revealed showing them discussing placing a spy in the White House. The texts have been handed over, in a letter, to to Department of Justice Attorney General William Barr. The letter is signed by Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson.

Barr is investigating spying being done by the FBI under Obama, as well as after President Trump took office.

The texts had been obtained by on Tuesday.

It has also been discovered that Obama and the FBI had been abusing FISA warrants to spy on Republicans, long before Trump. It is coming clear that the actions of Obama and those surrounding him were much worse than Watergate.

Sara reports on the letter:

“The course of our oversight work we have reviewed certain text messages that may show potential attempts by the FBI to conduct surveillance of President-elect Trump’s transition team,” the letter states. “In text messages exchanged between former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and former FBI Attorney Lisa Page, the two discussed the possibility of developing “potential relationships” at a November 2016 FBI briefing for presidential transition team staff. Specifically, it appears they discussed sending “the CI guy” to assess an unnamed person ‘demeanor’ but were concerned because it might be unusual for him to attend.”

The Senators are investigating if any “of these communications, and the precise purpose of any attempts to ‘develop relationships’ with Trump or VP Mike Pence transition team staff are not immediately clear.”

“Were these efforts done to gain better communication between the respective parties, or were the briefings used as intelligence gathering operations? Further, did any such surveillance activities continue beyond the inauguration, and in the event they did, were those activities subject to proper predication,” the letter states. “Any improper FBI surveillance activities that were conducted before or after the 2016 election must be brought to light and properly addressed.”

Here’s the lowdown:

The texts and sources reveal Strzok had a contact, Joshua Pitcock, in the White House. Pitcock was VP Pence’s Chief of Staff from January to August of 2017. His wife, Katherine (Katie), had worked as an analyst for Strzok on the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server. She had recused herself from the Clinton investigation when Trump became the Republican nominee, no longer working under Strzok.

But the text message suggest that the two still had a continuing relationship with Pitcock and his wife. Strzok’s direct involvement and actions during the investigation will more than likely lead to criminal charges. They also suggest they wanted to use her and her husband to spy on the President.

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The Texts

A few weeks after the presidential election, Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page discussed the logistics for the briefing. Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page said the following:

Strzok: Talking with Bill. Do we want Joe to go with Evanina instead of Charli for a variety of reasons?

(Strzok is referring to former FBI Assistant Director of Counterintelligence division Bill Priestap. ‘Joe is referencing FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka, who interviewed former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in January, 2017. And Evanina is in reference to William Evanina, National Counterintelligence and Security Center.)

Page: Hmm. Not sure. Would it be unusual to have [sic] show up again? Maybe another agent from the team?

Strzok: Or, he’s “the CI guy.” Same.might [sic] make sense. He can assess if there [sic] are any news [sic] Qs, or different demeanor. If Katie’s husband is there, he can see if there are people we can develop for potential relationships

Page: Should I ask Andy about it? Or Bill (Priestap) want to reach out for Andy (McCabe)?Strzok: I told him I’m sure we could ask you to make the swap if we thought it.

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