Nancy Pelosi Warns President Trump Won’t Respect Election Results In 2020 If He Loses By Small Margin

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Considering how the Democrats have never gotten over losing in 2016 to President Trump, it is bitterly ironic that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now claiming that if Trump loses by a small margin in 2020, he won’t respect the results and will poison the public mind over it. Once again, this demonstrates the left accusing the right of what they themselves are actually doing. That is exactly what Hillary Clinton did.

Pelosi went on the record with the New York Times to make her ludicrous claim. I might point out that the Democrats are gearing up their dirty tricks ahead of this election because they know with the radical and weak field of candidates they are pushing, President Trump is likely to stomp them into the political ground as he cruises to a second term. They are doing things such as bypassing the system in various states with bills that say if Trump doesn’t turn over his tax returns he cannot be on the 2020 ballot. That’s unconstitutional.

The Democrats are also pushing state legislation that goes with the ‘national popular vote’ instead of the electoral college. That is also unconstitutional. The left firmly believes that Hillary Clinton was robbed of the presidency because of the electoral college. She wasn’t – in fact, the electoral college is the only thing standing between mob rule and constitutional rule as the founders intended. They wanted all votes to count and not for elections to be determined by socialist watering holes that are the major cities these days.

So you can see the hypocrisy here. It is not President Trump who is contesting anything here. It is the Democrats who are trying to preemptively rig the next presidential election. In the 2018 election for example… there were a number of Democrats who refused to concede. Mirror much? Just because they don’t like Trump does not mean he’s not the legitimate president here. Far from it.

“We have to inoculate against that, we have to be prepared for that,” Pelosi said during an interview at the Capitol on Wednesday as she discussed her concern that Trump would not give up power voluntarily if he lost re-election by a slim margin next year.

Pelosi, of course, is walking a fine line between the uber-radicals and the radicals of the Democratic Party. The entire left has lurched radically into Marxist territory with a heavy dose of anti-Semitism. None of their political planks are workable, plausible, or even sane. As TheBlaze put it, “From promising free college, healthcare, housing and more to vowing votes for incarcerated terrorists, the 2020 field is driving away from the American electorate so fast they’ll never be able to make up the carbon footprint.”

The Democratic Party is now officially the Communist Party and try as Pelosi might, that horse has bolted the barn. Pelosi summarized her plan of getting rid of Trump at the ballot box: “Do not get dragged into a protracted impeachment bid that will ultimately get crushed in the Republican-controlled Senate, and do not risk alienating the moderate voters who flocked to the party in 2018 by drifting too far to the left.” Too late for that, Nancy. And pandering centrist isn’t going to reverse the damage here.

From TheBlaze:

“Pelosi can’t just sell that to the frothing resistance base, however. In the new Democrat party “electability” is a dirty, probably racist word, even when it’s applied to policy preferences. Pelosi needs some way to convince the rabid left that running to the center isn’t a compromise, it’s another assault against Trump.

“The solution, obviously, is to sell them on the idea that Trump won’t respect the election result if it’s “too close.” Even if the argument isn’t that convincing. The Times referenced the 2018 midterms, and how Pelosi worried then about the results.

“If we win by four seats, by a thousand votes each, he’s not going to respect the election,” said Ms. Pelosi, recalling her thinking in the run-up to the 2018 elections.

“He would poison the public mind. He would challenge each of the races; he would say you can’t seat these people,” she added. “We had to win. Imagine if we hadn’t won — oh, don’t even imagine.

“That somehow was extrapolated. “So, as we go forward, we have to have the same approach,” said Pelosi.

“It is not clear who Trump would refuse to “seat” in the event he chose to ignore his own loss at the ballot box. But merely raising that specter was enough for the NYT.

“Democrats have a tough nut to crack in 2020. The unlikable president and his spectacular economy, and the unlikable Democrats and their plan to destroy it. That’s a conundrum.

“Pelosi is almost certainly right that running left won’t get the job done. But will even this “we have to have a landslide or he’ll become King” ploy work to blunt the bloodlust of the activist base?

“It remains to be seen. In the meantime, we can at least enjoy the irony.”

Oh, I’m enjoying it alright… popcorn galore. If the Dems keep this up, Trump will win in a historic landslide and the meltdowns on election night will be even better than last time.

“Everything is at stake in this election. The Constitution of the United States, which the president is trying to usurp; the power of the legislative branch of government; the environment in which we live,” Pelosi said during a CNN interview last month. Well, we agree that everything is at stake in this election. But it is the exact opposite of what she is selling here… Trump will protect the Constitution while the Democrats would destroy it once and for all. They would also bastardize the branches of government and institute a climate Ponzi scheme.

Trump must win this time out and thankfully the left is ensuring he will easily do so. Let the crushing begin.

Sources: TheBlaze, The Daily Mail, CNN, The Hill, The New York Times

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