‘MY BROTHERS DIED FOR THAT FLAG’: Vet Confronts Thugs And Things Get Hectic…[video]

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Chaos in Ferguson is steadily on the rise and it’s bringing out the haters. I’m not talking about racists, either…I’m talking about America haters.

This week, the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, Ferguson is again under a State of Emergency, and protesters have been chanting such exceptional wit as “f**k America!” and “we ready for war!” This of course has led to increased violence, yada yada, same old story.


Desecration of the U.S. flag is something we’re used to seeing in terrorist strongholds, but not in Missouri. Outraged, the Vet stood his ground and gave them a good dose of common sense: “How about the people who f**king died so you’d have the right to be out here doing this?”

I agree with Rad Magnum of Clash Daily, these people don’t have a clue! They don’t have a clue what REAL freedom is about let alone about our soldiers who gave their lives, so that they might have the freedom to protest. But stomp on the flag! These animals are no different in their actions than those radical terrorists who burn and stomp on our flag and then come to America and want their rights protected!  Get Real!

Can you believe these protesters have the nerve to say they’ve been “stepped on”? Really? Was that before or after you desecrated the flag? Was that before or after you protested freely, because soldiers were fighting and dying for your freedom in another country so you could still have the freedom to protest? You do remember the Constitution, right?


I say to the protesters in Ferguson – Hey, feel free to take your battle to another country if you don’t like it here! If you hate America SO much – please just go. Stop stomping on our flag! Stop busting up small businesses! Just go! 

Of course, these are the probably the same citizens Obama is counting on to get in line and vote Democratic so they can have their “free” phones, “free” high-speed internet and whatever additional handouts they feel they’re entitled to. 

By the way – to the Ferguson protesters – most of us, in America – appreciate and honor not only our soldiers and veterans, but those who lost their lives fighting so that we may have the freedoms – like the freedom to protest, the freedom to worship, and the freedom to carry a gun. We appreciate and respect those who gave their lives and those who continue to defend our country! The ones that are REALLY at war! 

These Ferguson protesters don’t have a CLUE what the real cost of freedom is. They have obviously not visited the Arlington National Cemetery! Most likely they don’t even know it exists!

I say to the Ferguson protests – if you are SO “ready for war” – please, put on a uniform and go fight in Afghanistan or the Middle East – where ISIS would kick your behind! Until then – Shut the front door!



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