Muslim Wants to Swear Oath on Quran – Not Bible: Judge in Pennsylvania Slaps Her Down!

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In yet another example of an attempt to inject the Quran and Sharia law in these American states, a Pennsylvania Muslim woman recently demanded that she be allowed to take the oath in a custody hearing on the Quran instead of the Christian bible (Musaitef v. Musaitef, (Philadelphia County, PA Common Pleas).

After being told ‘no’, by the judge in the case,  she is now claiming to have been the victim of unfair discrimination (of course).

After giving his oath on the Christian Bible, the woman’s husband, who is also a Muslim testified, but when it came time for the woman to give to the Court her testimony, she refused and instead of cooperating – insisted that she be allowed to swear on the Quran.

The presiding judge read 42 PA.C.S. Sec. 5901 and strictly interpreted the law to require that the witness either take the oath on the Christian Bible or else make a non-religious affirmation.

After taking his oath on the Christian Bible, the father objected to the mother’s oath being taken on the Quran.

Apparently, the mother’s insistence on swearing to the truthfulness of her statements on a Quran was suggestive of the lack of truthfulness of the father’s testimony.

By pointing out the father’s oath was sworn on a Christian Bible, she was inadvertently suggesting he’d been freed from being truthful (as in Islam oaths taken on non-Muslim religious books are nonbinding).

After insisting on the use of the Quran for her sworn testimony, the judge refused to allow the Quran to be used for her testimony rejecting the woman’s argument that other states recognize other non-Christian holy books.  The Pennsylvania law calls for sworn oaths to be made on the “Holy Bible,” but it does permit non-religious oaths, affirmations, and other types of oaths. “Which oath so taken by persons who conscientiously refuse to take an oath in the common form shall be deemed and taken in law to have the same effect as an oath taken in common form,” the statute reads.

After the judge’s ruling, the woman and her attorney did not challenge the decision not to allow her to swear her oath on the Koran.

This is yet another example of Muslims using our own laws to try and tear down our own system.

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