Muslim Prayer Room In Europe Turns Out To Be ISIS Hotbed

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In the era of political correctness nothing ever seems all that surprising anymore. Especially when it comes to issues relating to Islam and terrorism. Many members of the Muslim community have called for various federal and state buildings to add Muslim prayer rooms. The poor guys felt left out so they have demanded this over the years. Turns out, the prayer rooms weren’t being used for prayer but to plot jihadist attacks.

The media has reported that St. Pollen Hospital in Austria found that radical Islamic terrorist attacks were being planned in their Muslim prayer room. Members of the Islamic State were found to have exchanged information, recruited members for work in Syria, and distributed ISIS propaganda documents.

Law enforcement officials found that members of ISIS were meeting at the hospital prayer room three days a week. Kurier reported that some terrorism plots were mapped out in the prayer room. One of those plots being the robbing of a liquor store.

Austria has fell victim to the same progressive ideology that has permeated American culture. In an attempt to be “inclusive” and “diverse” we have allowed terrorists to assimilate into our homes and communities. This is a scary reminder that this can happen anywhere and to anyone. Radical Islamic terrorists could be meeting in their prayer rooms in any hospital or building in the United States at any time. It is extraordinarily important to remain diligent.


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