Muslim NYU Students Blame Chelsea Clinton For New Zealand Mosque Massacre Because Of Ilhan Omar

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In perhaps one of the most ridiculous displays of wrong-target I have ever seen, a Muslim NYU student activist accosted, berated and yelled at a very pregnant Chelsea Clinton, blaming her for the New Zealand mosque massacre. Why? Because she dared to call out Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for her anti-Semitic comments. Don’t worry though… Clinton couldn’t apologize fast enough.

“I’m so sorry that you feel that way. It was certainly never my intention. I do believe words matter. I believe we have to show solidarity,” Clinton said when confronted by Muslim students. “This right here is the result of the massacre stoked by people like you and the words that you have put out into the world,” one student angrily responded. “I want you to know that. I want you to feel that deep inside. The 49 people died because of the rhetoric you put out there.” So because Chelsea had the nerve to call out hateful remarks by Omar, this is her fault? I don’t think so.

‘What does “I’m sorry you feel that way” mean? What does that mean?’ an unseen male is heard shouting from the crowd.

The student was referring to the comments that Chelsea made against Omar last month after the Minnesota congresswoman accused the pro-Israel lobbying group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) of buying pro-Israel support. Clinton tweeted to Omar saying, “Co-signed as an American. We should expect all elected officials, regardless of party, and all public figures to not traffic in anti-Semitism.”

The incident occurred at an NYU vigil that was meant to honor the 49 people that were murdered Friday when a shooter opened fire inside two different mosques in central Christchurch, New Zealand. A white, Australian man named Brenton Tarrant, 28, who is an eco-fascist, communist was the killer. He was arrested with three others after attacking two different mosques.

President Trump called the New Zealand Prime Minister and offered his condolences and help. He decried the vicious act of hatred. The media, of course, were very quick to blame Trump for the deaths.

The vigil was a public event, designed to show solidarity with the Muslim community. An invitation read in part: “Please join us in solidarity and support so that we can together meet this hate with the love needed to extinguish it.” That evidently did not apply to Chelsea Clinton or non-Muslims.

Numerous Muslim NYU students accosted Chelsea in a hallway, accusing her of causing the attack with her “Islamophobia and hypocrisy.” Instead of going after those evil individuals who would do such a thing, they blame Clinton for something she had nothing to do with. This will just cause a bigger rift in the Democratic Party and in America in general.

From TheBlaze:

“The activist posted a tweet criticizing Clinton before the confrontation and explaining why she was upset.

“[T]he CAUCASITY that chelsea clinton has showing up to a vigil for the 49 muslims massacred in an islamophobic hate crime after STOKING ISLAMOPHOBIA AND RACISM surrounding ilhan omar…. f**king ridiculous,” she tweeted.

“Others tweeted similar grievances against Clinton.

“A lot of students feel uncomfortable,” said Esor Fasa, who posted the video. “People haven’t forgotten the Islamophobic mob she incited against @IlhanMN. There is no sense of responsibility.”

“Not at all helpful or healing to see @ChelseaClinton at the @ICNYU vigil for the victims of the #NZMosqueShooting after she piled on to the racist and Islamophobic smear campaign against @IlhanMN just a few days ago,” tweeted Mohammed Khan with a photo of Clinton.”

It’s interesting to note that the woman accosting Chelsea goes by the handle ‘sippin on dat’ and identifies herself as a supporter of Palestine, Bernie Sanders, and Black Lives Matter. This is a bizarre instance of leftists attacking other leftists they either feel are not radical enough or are not the correct race or religion. Her actual last name is evidently Dweik. Rosa Asaf wrote in a tweet that Dweik is a “bold a** palestinian muslim woman’ who ‘doesn’t have anything to apologize for.”

Asaf has served in the NYU student senate as Senator-at-Large for Marginalized Jewish Students, Student Activists, and Students With Mental Health Struggles, according to published reports. Dweik was tagged in Asaf’s post as Twitter user @vivafalastin, whose profile says she is an NYU senior and features the Palestinian flag. She was identified as an Alternate Senator-at-Large for Middle Eastern and North African Students and Documented Non-citizen Students at NYU.

In the end, I think this confrontation was just to get attention. Clinton supports the Islamic community. She’s just not down with anti-Semitism which is a good thing. This does, however, show how radicalized many of these college groups are. This attack was just unhinged. And it shows a violent reaction to any who defend Israel or critize Islam.

Sources: The Daily Caller, TheBlaze, The Daily Mail, Fox News, RedState

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