Former Muslim Investigated by Canadian Police After Ripping Up Koran

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A Muslim convert to Christianity is being investigated for ripping out pages from the Koran and leaving them on car windows outside of a mosque in Canada.

Left wing Canadian media have been quick to cover the investigation of the incidents, describing Solomon’s “inflammatory flyers” and tying Solomon to a Facebook group that calls out antisemitism and has been vocalizing their support for Solomon.

At the end of March, Constable Harinder Sohi confirmed to media that Sandra Solomon freely gave her name to passersby while visiting two Islamic centers in her home of Mississauga. The two incidents took place on March 22nd, and Solomon was reportedly putting torn-out pages of the Koran under windshield wipers and “making Islamophobic statements” at both the Sayeda Khadiji Center and the Safa and Marwa Islamic School between 4:30pm and 5:19pm local time.

Incidents in Mississauga, Ontario

The two incidents took place on a Thursday in a suburb that makes up part of the greater Toronto area on Lake Ontario.

Sandra Solomon

Born with a different name in Ramallah to a Palestinian family living 6 miles north of Jerusalem 40 years ago, Sandra Solomon grew up in Saudi Arabia being taught by her family to praise the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler. As an adult, she converted to Christianity and now wears a Star of David pendant and is a public advocate for Israel. She has tattoos of a menorah and the name of Jesus written in Hebrew, and said that she has been denounced by her family for her conversion.

In an interview in 2016, Solomon said that the main reason she left Islam was due to how she was forced to wear a hijab, and “also because of the way of life under Islamic Sharia law.”

Her family was involved with Yasser Arafat, as her late uncle Saher Habash was a founding member of the political Fatah Party, whose slogan is “Revolution Until Victory.”

Description of Incidents According to Muslims

A local group, the Muslim Council of Peel, says that in the second incident that Solomon entered the mosque next to the school and “verbally abused” the worshippers, and she was allegedly asked to leave. The Council of Peel went on to give a news conference a few days afterwards, saying that Solomon promote hatred of Muslims through her online presence and through her actions.

The executive director of the Muslim Council of Peel is now demanding more police presence, along with stronger laws and to update the Canadian Human Rights Act to prevent the spread of online hate groups. The director say:

“We are very comfortable in our communities, we are comfortable with our neighbors and we interact positively with everyone around us on a daily basis. We are not going to let the actions of a fringe person change how safe and comfortable we feel.”

Imam Calls It An Assault

Ibrahim Hindy is the imam of the mosque and says he is “saddened” by the “assault,” saying that he lives in a “diverse, multicultural, multi-religious community.”

The local federal political representative Navdeep Bains, a member of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party wrote on Facebook that he “strongly” denounced Solomon’s actions and was “shocked,” while defending the freedom of religion as a constitutional right.

Sharia Law VS Western Values

In 2016, Khzir Khan spoke at the Democratic National Convention against Donald Trump. Among his comments were the idea that the American Constitution is subordinate to sharia law.

Last year, a father spoke to the San Diego School Board of Trustees in protest of the teaching of Islam to his children. He said that he would never accept the name of ‘infidel’ given to him by the Islamic religion, and asked on video:

“At what point did you decide it was okay to teach my children about Islam?”

Last Week: Canadian Churches Vandalized

This incident took place at the end of March in Ontario. On Easter morning, two Catholic churches in Halifax, northeast of the New England states were vandalized. Police have told media that they believed the two instances were related, but they do not appear to be investigating further.

Pray for Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a gender segregated mosque.

Sources: Times of Israel, CBC, The Rebel Media

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