Ms. Nevada stripped of her crown for supporting Trump: Watch sad VIDEO and find how to fight back!

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Opinion by Raymond Draper II – I am sick of this crap – people in positions of power denying conservatives opportunities because they have the audacity to support our President? It is time we begin fighting back and here is a great example: Let’s help this lovely young woman, Katie Williams, who was stripped of her Ms. Nevada title and denied the chance to compete in the Ms. America pageant – all because the pageant director is a lying, scheming, political animal who has ripped-off this young lady.

The pageant is this Saturday in Long Beach at the Queen Mary Hotel

Watch this courageous video:

Thank you to everyone who supported me, but I have to get this off my chest!SHARE IT! I'M TIRED OF BEING CENSORED FOR NOTHING!Ms. America Pageant #follow #share #repost #dethroned

Posted by Katie Williams on Monday, August 19, 2019

Bottom line: Ms. Nevada, who was set to compete in the Ms. America pageant, has been stripped of her crown and told she would not be allowed to compete for Ms. America.

CALL TO ACTION: EVERYONE. NOW! PLEASE – For the sake of everything that is good.

Use email, social media, the telephone – whatever. Let’s make this director’s life a living hell until Katie gets some justice and hopefully becomes Ms. America. She is ALREADY Ms. America as far as I’m concerned. Flood her inbox and phone with calls – hurry, before Saturday. Don’t forget to forward this to EVERYONE!

Ms. America Founder Susan Jeske: 949-679-8888
[email protected]

Here is their general info:

2973 Harbor Boulevard #235
Costa Mesa, California 92626

While you’re at it – call the Queen Mary and tell them you will NEVER visit or stay at their hotel if the pageant does not re-instate this lovely woman and stop oppressing patriots. Flood them with calls – share this information with like-minded conservatives and supporters of the President. Hurry – before Saturday arrives

1126 Queens Highway
Long Beach, CA 90802
Hotel Reservations: 877-342-0742

(the Ms. America Pageant is not affiliated with the ‘Miss America’ Pageant, so don’t bug them)

Don’t let them get away with this bullshit that Katie was “political” because other liberal contestants have been political and it’s fine – but supporting Trump is not? I call bullshit and so should you.

She is now not allowed to compete against the three dozen women at Ms. America this weekend in at The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. This means Nevada will not be represented at the beauty pageant for women over the age of 26.

Here’s more from KOLOTV:

Ms. Nevada Katie Williams says she has lost her crown because of her conservative political beliefs, just days before the Ms. America pageant.

The Ms. America Pageant has confirmed that it has removed Williams from their competition. The pageant posted a statement on its website which notes that it is a “No Politics” pageant and that Williams had signed an agreement to keep her politics separate from her pageant social media page.

The pageant statement also says, in part, “Ms. Williams acknowledged both verbally and in writing that she understood these rules before she was accepted into the pageant. Nothing on her Facebook Page had any political statements at the time she was accepted into the pageant.

Williams tells KOLO 8 News Now, “I’m upset I mean don’t get me wrong this is something I really wanted to do and I worked really hard to do and I you know, you go and try to make your best self for people you don’t even know and of course you want them to view you as a role model.”

The Ms. America pageant Rules and Regulations says the contest is for women 26 years of age and older who are single, divorced, widowed or married – with or without children.

In the video, Williams says the director told her to create a separate page for her political posts and she did. But she said the director kept calling about her personal page regardless of it being a separate page and kept complaining about it.

Just to give you some idea of her posts, here’s a few of her latest posts:

If you do nothing, this will continue – there’s so much Trump hatred among liberals these days and react this way to Trump supporters. FIGHT BACK!!!




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