Montel PR Staffer Attacks Black Teen Pundit On Twitter With Sexual Innuendos

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Out of touch Hollywood has began to make a habit of attacking kids with some of the most obnoxious and juvenile language.

Montel Williams’  Public Relations staffer Jonathan Franks recently Tweeted at well known teen pundit CJ Pearson that he was a ‘media whore’ who takes turns ‘fluffing’. He called him a ‘Drama Queen with nothing to say.”

“Fluffing” is generally used in the male stripper industry, and well, you will just have to use your imagination.

Montel Staffer Attacks Black Teen Pundit On Twitter With Sexual Innuendos

Needless to say, it was elementary level potty jokes at the least, and as well it was crude and manner-less inappropriateness at it’s finest. I didn’t use that manner of speaking even when I was a kid…

There was a good reason. My wise grandmother taught me that only people with self esteem issues did such things.

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Basically, Jonathan Franks could not hold an adult debate with a High School boy, so instead, he ran as fast as he could to the world of ad-hominem.

Socrates said it best! “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser!”

Montel Staffer Attacks Black Teen Pundit On Twitter With Sexual Innuendos

Grow up Jonathan. You have a big boy job. Act like one.

I get really tired of this blatant immaturity.

I love debate and I love competing ideologies. Let’s have a great adult discussion about the direction of the country. Discuss the positives and negatives of socialism and capitalism. Tell the whole world why you do not like The President!

But this childish and rather foolish attacking by adults to children is sheer stupidity!

First of all, it never says anything about your opponent. It always reflects right back at you. Jonathan, let me explain: A third grader could have done the exact same thing. Third graders do! Adults are supposed to grow out of it.

All it does is show immaturity and that your parents did not teach you manners.

Second, when an adult, finds it necessary to attack a kid, it shows that they are not brave enough to attack an adult. It is like the bully that picks on the smallest kid in the class, but is afraid of guys his own size.

Third, if you JUST HAVE to go to potty talk and sexual innuendo, keep it with the adults. It is really creepy that you made, basically statements the gay community often uses, ‘drama queen’ and ‘fluffing’ against a young teen boy.

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Jonathan, we adults, use a word. Write it on your notepad: Inappropriate.

Inappropriate behavior between and adult and child.

Johnny deleted his tweets, but there was no apology. He needs to apologize to CJ. He also needs to apologize to his boss, Montel Williams. When you work for a big name, you need to mind your manners. What you say in private, is one thing. What you place in public, needs to meet the standards of the fine man you work for… and Montel is a fine man.

You are in PR dude! Come on! Don’t you know the basics of your job?

And in the end you moron… We all know that CJ Pearson has changed views from time to time. What are you going to say? He was writing politically before he was in double digits! What were you doing at 10 Jonathan? Playing with rocks?

Why would you attack him for that in the first place? Jealous of his success? Trying to gain fame on the back of a High School student?

Obviously working for Montel has not done that! You are not a public figure. You have no fame or notoriety.

So silly. Just grow up Jonathan. Apologize in public. Be a grownup!

By the way…

CJ Pearson has been invited to the White House to meet with The President.

#JustSayin Jonathan.


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