Monica Lewinsky has 3-words for Robert Mueller

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Orin Kerr, a University of Southern California law professor tweeted out a hypothetical  on what the reaction would have been if the Ken Starr investigation into President Clinton’s conduct got the same treatment as the Mueller report. Then Monica Lewinsky dropped the hammer (and an “F” bomb).

Here’s Kerr’s original tweet, with Monica’s slam-o-la further down:

Starr’s investigation uncovered pornographic detail of Clinton’s relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky and was downloaded by 20 million people. Then came Monica:

In other words, if only the details of her relationship with Clinton had been kept hidden behind a short summary from Reno perhaps Lewinsky could have avoided all the painful years of ridicule that followed.

I’ve had dinner with Ms. Lewinsky and trust me, she does not enjoy and has never enjoyed an ounce of the fame which has resulted from servicing President Clinton in the Oval Office when she was nearly his daughter’s age. She was young and told lies by the most powerful man in the world – then attempted to be destroyed by the most powerful woman in the world – Bill’s wife.

Nancy Pelosi Warns President Trump Won’t Respect Election Results In 2020 If He Loses By Small Margin

Considering how the Democrats have never gotten over losing in 2016 to President Trump, it is bitterly ironic that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now claiming that if Trump loses by a small margin in 2020, he won’t respect the results and will poison the public mind over it. Once again, this demonstrates the left accusing the right of what they themselves are actually doing. That is exactly what Hillary Clinton did.

Pelosi went on the record with the New York Times to make her ludicrous claim. I might point out that the Democrats are gearing up their dirty tricks ahead of this election because they know with the radical and weak field of candidates they are pushing, President Trump is likely to stomp them into the political ground as he cruises to a second term. They are doing things such as bypassing the system in various states with bills that say if Trump doesn’t turn over his tax returns he cannot be on the 2020 ballot. That’s unconstitutional.

Pelosi Blatantly Lies In New Email Scam To Her Own Donors

Nancy Pelosi’s latest case of brain fog has led to her sending an email begging for money by outright lying about a very clear fact.

The email claimed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had been fired, which is the exact opposite of reality. Mueller has his job, but Nancy needed a reason to raise money, so what’s a white lie between friends?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent the email with the subject line “Mueller FIRED,” though some papers are misreporting that Pelosi titled the email the misspelled “Muller FIRED.” Here is the introduction to the email:

“I’m so furious I can barely write this email. President Trump is inches away from firing Robert Mueller and derailing the entire Russia investigation.”

If you caught that, she says one fact about the world (Mueller was fired) and then immediately contradicts it with another fact about the world (Mueller might be fired). I think the focus here should instead be on the fact that Nancy says she can “barely write this email” and that she asks for money. Don’t read the news about Mueller, just give us money:

“I need a MASSIVE 24-hour fundraising surge to send them a powerful message: If they let Trump fire Mueller, we’ll kick each and EVERY one of them out of office.”

Robert Mueller Wasn’t Fired

Despite the email, Robert Mueller is still in his position to cause trouble for Donald Trump, and Trump has said before that he has no plans on firing him. So far, it’s been just as well to let the Democrat chip away at nothing.

The Russians began their operations in 2014, long before Trump announced his candidacy. The Russians would go on to focus on attacking Hillary Clinton even before she was named the nominee for the Democrats. That should’ve closed the book on Mueller’s Russian investigation, but still, he hangs on.

Pelosi Showing Confusion, Forgetfulness

In the last few weeks we have been following Nancy Pelosi’s health slowly erode. If a young person were showing this many warning signs, there would be public pressure to seek medical help.

Last month, Pelosi suffered 16 separate “brain freezes” during a short 15 minute press conference, where the 77-year-old stumbled for words.

“On more than six occasions, Pelosi has confused President Trump with former President George W. Bush. One of the most recent cases happened in February, when she told reporters: “This is a cover-up by the Republicans to protect President Bush – excuse me – President Trump in this investigation.”

A week later, Pelosi mispronounced the newly minted Democrat Representative Conor Lamb as “Counter Lamb” as she spoke of the “Middle cass” instead of class.

“Pelosi said, “Responsible gun owners from the hills of Arizona to the duck blinds of Minnesota, all over, say, ‘We’re all law-abiding, we have many guns, we have as many guns as he had, but we have,’ uh, we have, um, uh,” she said, turning to moderator Chris Cuomo, before repeatedly waving her hands, as if emphasizing words that refused to exit her mouth.

“Background checks,” she finally blurted out.”

At this point, Pelosi is flubbing so many appearances that critics are forced to address the trouble they’re having in understanding Nancy’s points in the first place.

Pelosi is the Great Fundraiser

While there are several people in the ranks of the Democrat party looking to unseat Nancy and take power for themselves in the wake of declining seats, Nancy remains the most effective fundraiser the party has available. Her scare tactics and outright lies in emails must work. From the same letter above, here’s how she fudges the truth to instill the fear of Republican overlords in people who have still not maxed out their contributions:

“…my Republican colleagues are actively HELPING him. They’re jeopardizing our democracy, our national security, and the safety of every election we hold. Frankly, they can’t be trusted.”

Speaking of safety-first and maxed-out donors, Democrat busybody Will Ferrell recently suffered minor injuries in a car accident after appearing at a “bipartisan” get out the vote effort in San Diego.

Sources: Fox News, Washington Examiner


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