Mizzou Student VP – My Feelings Trump the 1st Amendment

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So there.  This little fascist snowflake is a university student.  Probably majoring in feminism.  She certainly has no sense of American history or the Constitution.

The first part of the video shows a “journalism” professor demanding a reporter leave a protest at the Mizzou campus.  When he refused she called for “muscle” to throw him out.  So much for any value for the “journalism” department, the State of Missouri could save some serious money by defunding that farce.

The second part is Vice President Snowflake and her stupidity.

Any chance we’ll see any adults show up?  I seriously doubt it, unless the Missouri legislature takes some positive action it will continue to deteriorate.

By the way, the cost to allow these little snowflakes to run rampant is $40,000 per year as an undergrad.  Parents are paying $160,000 to have “professors” like the “journalism” b*tch turn out fascists.

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