Minnesota Teachers’ Opinions Required To Be Prefaced With “As A White Person…”

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If you have kids, I hope you are seriously considering a private school or home schooling your children. After reading this you may REALLY wonder why kids are still enrolled in public schools. This is the kind of stuff that makes you crazy. 

Schools in Minnesota are being overrun with violence and discipline problems, thanks to implementation of the Pacific Education Group’s (PEG) tireless crusade against “white privilege.” You may remember we covered this last summer – go here for a refresher.


If you recall, the San Francisco-based company came up with a bunch of methods that basically come down to white teachers rolling over for their black students, especially when the black students break the rules. And school districts in Minnesota hired PEG to come in and train their teachers on how to better help black students overcome the EEEEEEEEVIL white privilege in society.

See, it’s UNFAAAAAIR to expect all students, regardless of race, to follow basic rules of conduct that help create an environment conducive for learning. Rules like respect for teachers and students, respect for personal property, respect for safety, respect for learning time – well, those rules were made up by white people and their insidious privilege and black kids simply can’t handle being respectful of other people, so it’s better if we just exempt them from those rules and let them do whatever the heck they want! They can’t control themselves, you know. They can’t help but act like a bunch of wild animals without regard for others, so it’s best just to let them get on with it.

Good grief – do liberals ever listen to themselves when they come up with this racist tripe?

The story has gotten even worse (did think that was possible). According to this, a former middle school teacher filed a lawsuit against a school district in St. Paul saying that she was the victim of harassment and physical assaults from students, and that she was barred by district policy from doing anything about it. She tried talking to her principal about it, but according to the sourcelink, her complaints were met with hostility. In fact, her principal eventually required her to begin nearly every statement she made with the phrase “As a white woman, I feel…”

The teacher filing the lawsuit was eventually fired for not complying with the stupid white privilege policies, which is probably better for her that she isn’t working in that insane school district anymore. Not good for her students, who she clearly cared enough about to want to try to fix this stupid system – but it’s kind of hard to do when your entire district has bought into the lie that white people are getting what they deserve and black people can do whatever the heck they want. Because, slavery (or some other moronic social justice excuse for being a complete jackhole to people).

If you have rules in a classroom shouldn’t ALL kids be following the rules regardless of race, gender or ethnicity? Oops. So sorry. I forgot. Obama is still in charge. It’s really insane to think that this principal and teacher are still employed.


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