Millennials Turning Off From Sex: Rest of Americans See Silver Lining

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Thanks to modern feminism, sexual harassment and video games, millennials are keeping it in their pants longer and for a record number of years.

According to data collected under the Department for Education in the UK, one in eight Brits are still virgins at the age of 26.

The Next Steps project, which is now managed by the University College London, has been following 16,000 people who were born in the years 1989-1990 since they were 14.

Their findings indicate that the Millennial generation has been far more likely to wait compared to older generations, who were far more impatient to be in bed early on a Saturday night. But it’s not out of newfound Christian piety or respect for the sanctity of marriage. A psychotherapist speaking with the media to help interpret results said:

“Millennials have been brought up in a culture of hypersexuality which has bred a fear of intimacy.”

The women, say Susanna Abse, are portrayed as “always up for it” and the men in media all have “permanent erections,” which sounds painful but I understand the gist. And it’s “daunting” to young people.

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Social Media Fuels Fear

With Instagram and SnapChat showing off the Photoshopped, retouched and editing highlight reel from people’s lives, Millennials think that everyone is living up to standards that they are unable to reach. Abse said:

“The fear for young men is of being humiliated that they can’t live up to that, plus the fear of exposure in your Facebook group.”

Some Refusing To Answer

While the study can confirm of that of the 16,000 students across England they were following, one in eight were still virginal at 26, if everyone who refused to answer the question is also a virgin, then the statistic rises to one in six. Maybe the kids are alright after all. More virgins should be less casual sex, even if it does mean more Netflix subscriptions, right?

Generally, the research shows that the older you get, the more likely you are to be “left behind.” Ninety percent of people who do lose their virginity before the age of 26 do so before they turn 19.

Interview With A 26-YO Virgin

Along with the release of the study’s results, the attractive Alice Riley spoke with media to give her own perspective on what it’s like to wait for the right guy in such a hypersexualized world, where pop stars show off their butt cracks on a near daily basis and drag queens are still attending elementary schools.

Riley is appearing in media now to talk about her choices, but she has been writing about her “condition” for almost a year now.

She wrote last year that she was tired of people telling her that she’s frigid, or that she has to just “get it over with.” When confronted with the notion that it’s “not a big deal,” she asks, then “why is it a big deal that I haven’t done it?”

Riley says that she’s not “missing out” in terms of one night stands, but she does feel like she’s missing out on a relationship as she sees her friends get engaged.

“But that doesn’t mean I don’t have that to come, and perhaps I’ll appreciate love, and sex, even more when it finally happens.”

Good words.

Though most of the blame is on wider society, there’s a strange bonus to be had from all the Millennials and post-Millennials looking to stay a bit lonelier, and it has to do with the spread of venereal disease and the general soul-sucking debauchery undertaken by others in that age category who think that the only way to live is to eat drugs on a beach.

Abortion Provider Encourages Underage Sex

A few years ago, when Planned Parenthood was noticing that their usual 320,000+ abortions per year were starting to drop a little, they began to publish online materials to encourage 12-year-olds to start experiencing sex, because it “feels good.”

Maybe I’m getting old, but “it feels good” sounds like a very animalistic reason to do anything. Also, they’re 12. They should be playing softball and learning how to do the heavier yard work, not engaging in sexual relationships.

Sources: The Telegraph, Metro

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