Millennials Turning Against Democrats?

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New polls show the generation defined by 9/11 and wifi are turning their backs on the Democrat way of life.

Outright support for the Democrat party is dropping in the Millennial demographic, and members of the generation are picking up on traditional ways of life including home ownership. And most importantly for the Republicans, the Democrats are doing very little to attract this voting bloc after they went for Obama in 2008.

Who Are Millennials?

Millennials are defined, according to non-partisan research giant Pew Research, as being born anywhere between 1981 and 1996. Right now, that counts from ages 22 to 37. One of the defining traits of Millennials is that since most were between 5 and 20 in 2001, the majority remember 9/11 and post-Millennials born in 1997 do not.

As well,

“…[this group was] between 12 and 27 during the 2008 election, where the force of the youth vote became part of the political conversation and helped elect the first black president.”

Furthermore, Millennials remember a time without modern technology and were able to experience new inventions like the iPhone in 2007 while still appreciating growing up with landlines and dial-up.

Right now, there are 71 million Millennials living in the States, and despite their slow start, they’re turning conservative. Let’s take a look at some of the studies that show that they’re moving right.

Economic Optimism Index

This index is taken monthly and gauges consumer, worker and investment confidence of the US economy. Generally, a reading of above 50 is optimistic and below 50 is pessimism.

For the last 17 years, the index has been around 49.4 or “slightly pessimistic” with a recent high of 62.9 in March 2002. The most recent low was in August 2011, when the measure hit 35.8.

Right now, the Optimism Index for:

  • Ages 18-24 is 59.3
  • Ages 25-44 is 53.5

Not bad after two terms of Obama. Thank God we didn’t land with Hillary.

The Trump Economy

After eight years of Obama, the shiny feel-goodness of electing a black guy gave way to the sadness of millions of job losses and a weak economic recovery after the 2008 recession. Since Trump took office, things have been fired up and CEOs are clearly stating that everything that they’re doing, whether it be Starbucks and Walmart giving out bonuses to staff, or US Steel reopening mothballed factories in Illinois, that it’s all thanks to Trump’s policies.

In January, Millennials had their first glimpse at something they’ve never experienced: A few extra bucks on their pay stubs thanks to lower clawed taxes taken by the government.


Now, a year and a half after being elected, the employment-to-population level of the age group between 24 and 34 are back to its 79% level, the same as it was before the recession. For the remaining 6 years under Obama, that percentage stayed in the low 70s.

Personal Choices

It’s not all doom and gloom if you’re looking down on those in their 20s and 30s. Pew Research says that they’re “no more likely” to support stricter gun control than the rest of the general population, and they’re the largest group of home buyers.

After years of graduating with liberal arts degrees into the Obama economy already staffed by H1B visa holders, Millennials are finally able to settle down like they’ve always wanted. And while they’re having kids a few years older, nothing turns a person to be a bit more pro-life than having a family of their own.

[BUT, STILL: 1/3 of Millennials Believe A Co-worker Complimenting Their Looks is Sexual Harassment]

Political Polling Goes Right

According to a new poll by Ipsos and paid for by Reuters that surveyed 16,000 Millennials, they found that support for Democrats in the generation had fallen from 55% two years ago to 46% now. As well, only 39% of white Millennials prefer the Democrats.

In their efforts to woo back Millennials, Democrats are getting it exactly wrong. They’re looking to repeal the Tax Cut and Reform Bill and are out-of-step with voter beliefs on immigration. Mostly, they’re looking to produce more people (illegals) to pump up their own voting base while trying to make sure there’s enough money to fund government offices staffed by friends and to pay for old age security.

Careful Now

This sounds like a whole lot of good news, so let’s walk back a bit. The political swing is based on only one poll from Reuters after they hired Ipsos, and there’s always a chance that some Democrats might step up and try to woo back the Kids These Days.

But, it’s looking positive that the Democrats are going to keep going hard left. Several Democrats running for various offices are members of the Democratic Socialists of America group, and Hillary Clinton has again reared her head this week with her new political funding arm that looks to pump dollars gathered from shadowy figures into race-based voter drives.

Trump 2020.

Sources: Pew Research, Investor’s Business Daily

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