STUDY: 35% of Millennials Want ‘Secret Santa’ Banned Because ANXIETY Matters

"Most of the younger generation couldn't storm the Beach at Normandy!" - Scott Osborn

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The younger generation has been taught a mindset that if it offends, triggers, or causes you any angst, BAN IT! The next on the list is ‘Secret Santa. You know, the great solution for gift giving practiced at places like church or in the office in order to help limit the budget of gift giving within large groups. Yes, 35% want to ban the practice due to anxiety that it causes.

The insanity was released by a study by the British job-hunting website, Jobsite.

Jobsite’s study focused on the “negative effects” of Secret Santa and “it found that many millennials have been ‘suffering from anxiety’ as a result of their workplace Secret Santa. Dr. Ashley Weinberg believes it is the fear of appearing “stingy” that makes the holiday tradition “stressful.”

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Dr. Donovan believes maybe it is because these kids have been taught to be stingy.

The Jobsite study found that 35% of Millennials say they want to see Secret Santa banned and a similar number is aiming straight at office birthday parties.

The study also found that 78% of millennials felt they contributed “more than they should” to an office party gift. 26% claimed they dipped into savings or over-drafting their accounts to fund an office gift. (For a $15-20 gift? LIARS!)

According to the survey, average workers spend an average of $15 a month on office events like birthdays, promotions and Secret Santas. The survey found that millennials spend 34% more than the average worker, shelling out an average of $20 a month. How do these kids make it through life???

Close to a quarter of those younger employees say they were upset with the people organizing the office events, and 17% say they feel judged by their colleagues for the amount they contribute, “resulting in a sense of shame within the workplace,” the report said.

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Emily Zinotti at the Daily Wire says:

Secret Santa, of course, is just the latest target in a more widespread “war” on holiday fun and frivolity. As the holiday season rolls around, expect to be inundated with requests to tamp down holiday cheer in the name of inclusion across the spectrum.

I agree and believe it goes further. Selfishness, entitlement mentality, getting ‘triggered’ at every step in life.

Our younger generation would FAIL if things ever got really tough in this country. They have it too easy. Almost three quarters of millennials say they’ve contributed more than they could afford. That is insanity! Anyone with any common sense knows that is a lie. It may be more than they want to give away, but not more than they can afford. These kids spend three times that amount going out clubbing, which many do.

The greatest generation came from the after effects of the Great Depression. This younger generation couldn’t make it. They are not taught to jump hurdles, they are taught to cry over them. If they had to face a real hurdle in life, they would fall apart from the ‘anxiety’ before anything else!

It makes me crazy. It gives ME anxiety just thinking about it!

Oi vey! Insanity at its finest.


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