Migrant Violent Crime Continues… This Time in Calais, France. Truckers Beware!

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Migrant crimes have been a rampant issue not just in the United States but also all throughout Europe, especially in areas of Western Europe. In Calais, France a truck driver was hit in the head with a brick and then had his vehicle stolen by criminal migrants who attacked him this past week. Because of his injuries, he is now in the hospital with a serious head injury and the status of his recovery is unknown.

The Road Haulage Association, known as the RHA, released a press statement following the vicious attack and their chief executive Richard Burnett said the following on the issue,

“it comes as a stark warning to UK-bound haulers that migrants will stop at nothing to reach our shores. Since this situation began we have stressed that migrants are putting the lives of HGV drivers at risk. This latest method of hijacking is a new one and clearly shows that the desperation of migrants to get to the UK has reached new heights. It’s clear that migrants will stop at nothing to cross the Channel. Less than six weeks ago we saw the death of a driver as a result of migrant action. Security at the Port must be increased before the unthinkable happens and another driver loses their life.”

The victim detailed some of the events that occurred on the day of the attack. He had been stopped near an A16 motorway that was somewhere outside of Calais near the city of Marck when all of a sudden he saw a migrant individual trying to climb on top of his truck.

Immediately he went out to inspect the vehicle to ensure there was no damage. However, he was attacked by not just one, but a group of other migrants who stole his items as well as his vehicle, while driving off near a port close by. As a result, he was left bleeding on the floor because of his injuries.

Fortunately, law enforcement officials were able to detain the attackers after a report was called in during the attack. Close to five miles away they stopped the criminal migrants who they found were numbered between 20 and 30 people according to the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service.

In reference to the attack Andrew Round, who is the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service liaison and intelligence officer, said the following,

“If the levels of violence seen over the last six to eight weeks persist, I’d like to see the military brought back in. It is just not fair on the drivers; something has to be done between the UK and French governments above and beyond what they are already doing.”

This is a very serious issue that can lead to death but the federal government has been ignoring truck drivers concerns. Last month a truck driver from Poland was murdered on one of the roads leading to Calais. Migrants attempted to drag various amounts of tree trunks onto the motorway to try and slow down traffic so they could break into vehicles and steal people’s belongings. One of the trucks had nine Eritrean migrants in it. The victim in question died as a result.

The unions for these drivers are encouraging them to take immense safety precautions such as staying in their trucks if they see something shady going on. Round also noted they are encouraged to make sure to stop their trucks as minimally as possible and to ring for police as soon as humanly possible when they feel something off is going on.

Another RHA spokesperson told The Loadstar the following about this ongoing issue,

In June, a driver died because of this migrant activity, and the outcome could very well have been the same [on Friday]. It’s clear these migrants will stop at nothing. We don’t want to see another life lost and are calling for additional security to be put in place. It is clear this is needed not only at the ports but on the approach roads too.”

These trucks are every day working men and women who simply want to be able to support their family. They should not have to worry about losing their life due to violent crime perpetrated by migrants. If people cannot follow the law they should not be permitted to emigrate anywhere. They should be forced to remain where they are or go to jail.

The safety of French individuals should come before a liberal immigration policy. Because it is their liberal immigration policy that is leading to the deaths of their own people and this is an issue that the United States can certainly understand.

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