Michelle Obama said ‘White Folks’ are What’s Wrong with America, so Here Comes Oprah!

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Oprah Winfrey for president is all anybody can talk about in Hollywood, mainly because nobody wants to talk about Harvey Weinstein – certainly not at the Golden Globe Awards where Oprah herself gave a rousing appearance that left leftists yearning for a women President saying “Michelle who?”

After all, who is going to vote for someone who hates white people as the antidote to Donald Trump? That’s right, if you use liberal logic – the former First Lady hates white people and there’s plenty of politically correct evidence.

There’s NO evidence that Oprah hates white people, certainly not white women. Watch her show – hell she gives cars to them. What has Michelle ever given white people except an excuse to feel bad they voted for her husband in droves?

For instance, you may remember at a commencement address at Tuskegee University, Michelle Obama pontificated on how everything is basically whitey’s fault. That America is a colonialist, racist nation with violent, repressive police tactics are employed to hold the black community down. This is the playbook the Obama’s have employed from the beginning… dividing a nation racially and culturally that was well on its way to being colorblind.,

“Vilifying the police is a job for the whole family at the Obama house. They’re not her type of Americans. They’re much too productive, too committed to the Constitution and of too strong a moral character for the Mooch and company. Give her some foul-mouthed parasitic anarchist street rats any day.” There’s racism here alright… it’s with the Obama’s and the radicals they rally.


The Daily Dose also confirmed the story in case CNN or CNBC thinks I’m making it up

In a speech at Tuskegee University, an institute of higher learning in which white people are “not allowed on the bus,” First Domestic Partner Michelle Obama gave the school’s commencement address with instructions to the future agitators of America to – what else? Go forth and agitate.


She described the daily persecution inflicted upon her fellow victims at the hands of the plantation owner class as including police discrimination, the “nagging worries that you’re going to get stopped or pulled over for absolutely no reason.”

But back to Oprah:

Speaking at the Golden Globe awards in Hollywood on Sunday night, she thrilled the once Hillary loving audience to tears as she praised women who have shared their stories of sexual harassment and abuse and declared that “a new day is on the horizon”.

Okay, she forgot to mention that most of the women in the audience knew all along that good old Harvey was a rapin’ and assaultin’ women for the past couple decades – but forgive and forget, right? I mean, it’s not like Harvey Tweeted out offensive stuff and made tasteless jokes in private about women, right?

Speaking of Twitter – in a measure of how Trump, a wealthy TV celebrity and political novice, has changed the rules of the game, there was an instant surge of tweets with the hashtags “Oprahforpresident” and “Oprah2020” urging Winfrey to run in the next election in November 2020.

Afterwards, Oprah said she has no plans to run, but that didn’t stop the liberal press – no, no, no: CNN reported that she is “actively thinking” about it, citing two close friends, whom it did not name. CNN did not name anyone that Harvey may have raped backstage either. Ever.

But white people love Oprah and Oprah loves them and that’s what counts in this country and that’s all you need to have the press declare that you’ll be president nowadays. Oprah doesn’t want blacks and whites hatin’ on each other! Even Trump says so:

When he was contemplating a presidential run in 1999, he said Winfrey would be his first choice as a running mate. “I love Oprah,” he told CNN. “She’s popular, she’s brilliant, she’s a wonderful woman … That would be a pretty good ticket.” CNN reported that one accurately. No fake news there!

On the other hand, Michelle Obama seems to clearly love it if there was a race war and more chaos and violence in our streets. Here’s more proof if you need it:

While addressing the situations in Ferguson and Baltimore, Mooch said, “They’re rooted in decades of structural challenges that have made too many folks feel frustrated and invisible. And those feelings are playing out in communities like Baltimore and Ferguson and so many others across this country.”

Liberals are responsible for the crime in our cities and the urban and cultural decay throughout our nation. She didn’t include that in her speech. Michelle Obama is still spouting this same rhetoric and will continue to do so even though the Obama White House is a bad memory.

The radical rats have had their day. It’s time Americans took their country back and washed themselves clean of this Marxist disease.

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