Michelle Obama Disappoints Trump in the Most Egregious Way Possible With One Decision:

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While discussing a possible run for office, Michelle lashed out at Americans for continuing to be racist.

Speaking with an actress at a two-day, $1000 summit in Los Angeles, Michelle blathered on about “Yes We Can” and “Yes You Can” when asked by an audience member if she would run for office.

“It Doesn’t Matter”

Former FLOTUS Michelle told the audience member that it “doesn’t matter who runs” for the office of President until the country becomes “unified.”

That is, America is dis-unified and full of racists, despite Barack’s best efforts… which actually made America race obsessed thanks to media picking up on the idea that everyone who hates the Obamas is a nasty racist, and everything that happened in the country was due to racism.

It’s a distraction to look for a “unifying” President, said Michelle, and that’s why she won’t be running anytime soon.

What That Really Means

Let’s fill in a few blanks here to figure out what logical progression Michelle seems to be following.

  • Barack tried to fix racism
  • America is still racist
  • White Republicans and their White Republican Wives will always vote for White Men
  • America must be unified
  • America can’t be unified as long as White Republicans keep being racist
  • I, Michelle Obama, would be a unifying politician, but White Republicans would reject me because I’m not white.

All the while Michelle is wondering why we’re all so focused on race, when she can’t help but continue to bring it up again, and again, and again.

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Everything Is Racist!

While talking about her darling hubby Barry Obammy, Michelle recycled his campaign slogans into a new patchwork quilt held together by her own old-fashioned racist attitude.

“Change starts close to home. So looking for the next person to run… I don’t mean to cut that off, but that’s been our distraction. We’re going to wait for the next person to save us. We thought it was going to be Barack Obama, but he didn’t end racism.”

I have fresh memories of that campaign. It was the Democrats who introduced race into every issue. And Barack along with the mainstream media made race relations worse.

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Michelle Voted For Barack Cause He’s Black

Contiuning to commit to nothing, Michelle noted that during 2008 and 2012 she voted “for the black man” but wondered out loud at the fact that “we’re still living in racism.”

Yeah, lady. In a racist world, nobody is paying $1,000 to see you sit on your butt and talk to some actress about that time you were married to the most important man in the world and enjoyed a free staff of dozens of people while bossing around high schools all around the country with your hot take on nutrition.

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Making Bank At Womens’ Summits

Lately Michelle has taken a cue from lying Hillary and has booked herself to speak to various summits and conferences aimed at You Go Girl to talk to women about how awful it is to be rich and powerful while convincing everyone in their pricey seats that they’re still a bunch of filthy racists.

Last month Michelle attended a Women’s Empowerment Forum in Boston where she collected her unknown speaking fee.

Among her brilliant, self-referential claims at the conference was that if you want more strong women in politics, you can’t just ask the ones that you like the best — i.e., you can’t just keep asking Michelle — and expect them to carry to the ballot box. You have to find ones with the “passion” for politics.

Oh boy, passion for politics. That’s hardly a starting point. Maybe find women with experience in running businesses and ask them?

In a final stroke of Clinton-esque self-importance, Michelle has been flexing her Hulk arms at the Obama Foundation Summit, which last took last in the fall. During one of her addresses, she blathered on about “strong men” while her puny husband huddled backstage and talked about how women are “protecting our men too much” and that’s where their self-righteous attitudes come from.

If I didn’t know any better, it sounds like Michelle admitted that the reason her husband is a snot is that her linebacker frame has gotten Barry out of a few sticky situations and turning him into an entitled princess.

Source: The Hill

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