Michelle Obama Caught up in the Jussie Smollett Scandal: Chi. Mayor & Police Chief Furious With Interference in Hate Crime Hoax Case

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If you’re wondering why Jussie Smollet is a free man today, because Chicago prosecutors dropped all charged against the Empire actor suddenly and with very flimsy explanation – consider this: Michelle Obama may have had something to do with his release, and she is surely connected directly to the case. Ironically, former Barack Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is now the Mayor of Chicago and he is pretty pissed off.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff Tina Tchen reached out to Kim Foxx and wrote in a text message, “I wanted to give you a call on behalf of Jussie Smollett and family who I know. They have concerns about the investigation.” Tchen then set up a call with Foxx before Tchen left on an 8 a.m. flight to New York. Foxx then tried to get the charges dropped. Nice to have friends in such high places, especially when you’re looking at 48 years in the Chicago slammer.

Kim Foxx is the Cook County State’s Attorney. Three weeks ago, she tried to convince Chicago police to turn the Jussie Smollett case over to the FBI. When the Chicago police denied her request, she recused herself from the case. Assistant State’s Attorney Joe Magats took over the case and promptly dropped all 16 charges because – get this – Smollett is not a ‘violent threat’ to the community. Oh really? As long as you’re not a violent threat, pretty much do anything you want? Yep… Being friends with Michelle doesn’t hurt either.

The Chicago Police Department is also furious that the charges against actor Jussie Smollett were dropped Tuesday. But the guy most vocal and most peeved is former Obama official and current Mayor Rahm Emanuel:

The Daily Mail Reports: Speaking at a press conference with the equally enraged Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson on Tuesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel insisted repeatedly that Smollett was guilty of staging a hoax attack on January 29 and that he did it for a raise.

He slammed Assistant State’s Attorney Joe Magats decision to drop the 16 felony charges Smollett was hit with by a grand jury, a move he said he took because Smollett is not a ‘violent threat’ to the community.

Magats’ decision comes amid calls for his boss, Kim Foxx, to face investigation an from the Attorney General for exchanging text messages with Smollett’s relatives in the early stages of the investigation.

Mayor Emanuel said the sudden decision to drop the charges proved there is ‘one set of rules for the powerful and influential’. He and Johnson were blindsided by the announcement which they learned of while attending a police academy graduation ceremony.

‘Without a doubt this is a whitewash of justice and sends a clear message that if you are in a position of influence and power, you’ll be treated one way. ‘It is wrong,’ Mayor Emanuel said.

He went on to condemn Smollett for speaking out after the court hearing and protesting his innocence.

‘Mr. Smollett is still saying that he is innocent, still running down the Chicago Police Department… how dare him. How dare him after everybody saw. Is there no decency in this man?’

Johnson, who publicly condemned Smollett last month and said his lies were ‘despicable’, also slammed the star for asking that the evidence be sealed.

‘I would want my day in court to clear my name. They wanted their day in court with TV cameras,’ he said, referring to Smollett’s team’s eagerness to allow cameras in the courtroom.

‘[Now] they choose to hide behind secrecy. You all know what the bond proffer said.’

‘We all know what it said if they want to dispute those facts the place to do that is in court not in secrecy,’ he said.

Smollett was indicted on 16 felony counts that were returned by a grand jury which Emanuel said it proved that it was not just the police department which thought he was guilty.

‘This is not the superintendent’s word against his.

‘The grand jury saw a sliver of the evidence and they came to a conclusion,’ he said, adding that the judge’s decision to grant Smollett’s attorneys’ request to have all the evidence sealed meant that the truth would never come out.

‘This is a person now who has been left off scot-free with no sense of accountability of the moral and ethical wrong of his actions, from top to bottom,’ Emanuel said.

Magats said it had decided not to pursue the charges because his office prioritized ‘violent crime’ and that Smollett’s alleged wrongdoing did not fall into that category.

The pair said there was enough evidence to convict Smollett but that it would never see the light of day because of the judge’s decision to seal the case.

‘We did not exonerate him. We work to prioritize violent crime and the drivers of violent crime.

‘Public safety is our number one priority. I don’t see Jussie Smollett as a threat to public safety,’  Joe Magats, Assistant State’s Attorney, told The New York Times. 

Questions have arisen surrounding Smollett’s families interactions with State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, Magats’ boss who recused herself from the case after it emerged she had been exchanging text messages with a member of the actor’s family about it.

Tina Tchen, Michelle Obama's former chief of staff, worked on behalf of the Smollett family to have the case turned over to the FBI

Tina Tchen, Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff, worked on behalf of the Smollett family to have the case turned over to the FBI.

Smollett had been facing up to 48 years behind bars on 16 felony counts of lying to police by claiming he was attacked on January 29 by two men he said he could not identify and who he said called him racial and homophobic slurs.

On Tuesday, an emergency hearing was scheduled during which the charges were suddenly dropped. Smollett agreed to surrender his $10,000 bond but walked out of court a free man.

There is no doubt that brothers Abel and Ola Osundairo attacked but so far, no other motive other than that Smollett asked them to and paid them to do it has emerged.

The question of why prosecutors who had boasted about their evidence against him suddenly dropped the case remains.

Smollett said in his statement that he would ‘not be his mother’s son’ if he was capable of ‘even a drop’ of what he had been accused of.

His lawyers refused to answer reporters’ questions about whether Smollett would sue the city and admitted that Smollett had agreed to forfeit his bond in order to ‘move on’.

She said that brothers Abel and Ola Osundairo were the ones who attacked Smollett but gave no explanation as to why they did it.

There was confusion over whether or not the decision was part of a deal.

Smollett’s attorneys insisted that it was not but admitted he had agreed to pay the $10,000 bond forfeiture in order to move in with his life.


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