Michelle is just like Muslim girls in the U.K. – really!

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Michelle is just like Muslim girls in the U.K. – suffering racism.  They have so much in common, she says.

Michelle Obama recently visited the U.K., where, according to The Mirror, she “compared her struggle to succeed as a young black woman in America to the experience of inner-city Muslim girls.”

She “struggled to hold back tears,” said the Mirror, as she spoke to an audience of hijab-wearing Muslim girls at the Mulberry School for Girls in London’s notorious Muslim area, Tower Hamlets.  http://www.wnd.com/2015/06/ michelle-o-sees-herself-in- british-muslim-women/# QS3CzxLsWAjiUryv.99

Did Michelle speak of the fact that perhaps blacks in America may have at one time been treated so terribly, but that Americans went to war to end slavery? They passed laws to make it illegal to discriminate against those of her color. They provide Welfare to those who cannot make it on their own, and to those who just don’t want to make it on their own.  They established government grants to give free college education, sometimes a our very best universities, to those of color, sometimes ahead of those who are white. Did she say that she is proof of the fact that those who work hard and have ambitions to better their lives can do so in America?

No. You see, she wants the Muslims to know that life in America is SO tough for a black person!  Well, except that one can become our First Lady, not once but twice.  Oh – and they are not sold as sex slaves at any age from three on, nor buried in sand up to their necks to be stoned to death, nor lashed for talking back to their husbands.  Black women in American are not victims of an acid attack to their faces.

Nor are they kept from getting an education or driving a car – and other pesky stuff.  One wonders if perhaps Michelle might want to create a hashtag about preventing little girls in Islamic countries from having a certain female body part concerned with feeling sexual pleasure from being routinely and brutally cut off.   But it is REALLY so tough in America, and Michelle really feels their pain.

It was just SO tough being a student at an elite university called Princeton, and then Harvard.  It’s no wonder while campaigning with Barack she said it was the first time she was ever proud of America – when Barack began to lead the polls as the Democrat nominee.

Now we have been told that living in the White House sometimes feels like living in a prison. Poor Michelle! She has to take the American taxpayers for a ride for continual vacations just to free herself from her home for a while.

We were the fools who expected more of her than we got: a race-baiting, angry woman who thinks she should be paid for her roll as First Lady.

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