Michael Moore Declares Democrats’ ‘Job One’ Is Removing President Trump From ‘Our White House’

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Filmmaker and leftist activist Michael Moore is now making 2020 all about him. He’s done this in previous elections as well. This time he is saying that Democrats’ first job is to remove Trump from “our White House” before the 2020 election while commenting on the fifth Democratic primary debate. He’s not the first Democrat to say this. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also said that impeachment was all about getting rid of Trump before the 2020 election. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that both of them have thrown their support behind socialist/communist Bernie Sanders.

The “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 11/9” moviemaker appeared on MSNBC Wednesday to comment on how the Democratic hopefuls for the 2020 nomination performed in the debate. He was asked by Brian Williams where the candidates’ focus should be following the explosive public impeachment hearings sham earlier in the day. “Well, yes, of course, Job One is beating — actually, Job One is convicting and removing Donald Trump sometime in the next couple of months,” he said. The Democrats have weaponized impeachment for a political agenda.

From Fox News:

“Moore continued, “So, it’s like if you really want to go to No. 1. After what we heard today, he shouldn’t be there in that White House, in our White House, another single day. Somebody said earlier on one of the shows here that — that in the — in the old days, there would be a delegation of Republicans going up to the White House today to say, ‘You know what? That’s it.’”

“The 65-year-old went on to suggest that Democrats across the board should not only be focused on removing Trump from office, but his enablers on the right as well.

“So, that’s Job One. Job One for the election next year is to make sure that we not only get rid of Trump or Trump’s replacement, but we get rid of that which gave us Trump. That’s really what the real issue should be.”

“Moore, who previously gave his endorsement to Bernie Sanders, noted that he and the candidate share similar views on the working class in America.

“I said, the majority of the working class actually — are women, people of color and young people — are paid the least. So, when we say working class, it’s always, we’re always evoking this image of lunch bucket Joe. The actual working class of 2019 is a 30-year-old black woman. That’s really the working class. And when you say working class, I want everybody to always think, now, that’s a 30-year-old black woman, because that is what the working class is.”’

So, according to Moore, the White House belongs to the socialists and Trump is in the way. That’s all you need to know right there. Bernie Sanders will never get elected but if he did, he would for the first time in the history of the United States impose naked communism on Americans. It would be hellish and destroy this country once and for all.

“Just in the same way I think that we have to — when you guys were talking about how we have to be more moderate or move to the center, that’s how we’re going to win next year, see, to me, I think moving to the center — I am the center. I am the mainstream now of the Democratic party,” Moore said.

More from Moore: “The American people have moved left. So, the center is now more of these sorts of things. This is what we believe. So, when you say, like, for instance, with Joe Biden said tonight, 160 million Americans want to keep their private insurance. Says who? Are you actually talking to people about this? Yes, they want the insurance that whatever we have with the new Medicare For All is essentially just a transfer from what we have with their good union health care, it’s going to be that but it’s going to be better for you, you’re not going to have copays and deductibles — fine.

“The average Democrat and the average American does not like the health insurance company. They hate Aetna and Cigna and United Health Care. These are people that they’re fighting with to get them to pay a bill that they won’t pay. The health care industry has caused more pain and harm and anxiety for the American people than practically any other industry. And we should never side with candidates that are — say we’re going to keep this private profit-making thing going.”

Moore truly believes that socialism/communism is now mainstream in America. It’s not and never will be if patriots have their way. He’s indicating that they are moving even more dramatically to the left here and Americans won’t stand for it. Moore and AOC know that if Trump is not impeached that their candidate field is so weak that Democrats stand no chance of being elected in 2020.

They are akin to a rabid dog backed into a corner here. That’s how desperate the left is to get rid of President Trump. I think our number one job is to see that Trump is reelected and that none of these arrogant, brazen Marxists set foot in the People’s House. What say you?

Sources: Fox News, Breitbart, Real Clear Politics

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