Michael Cohen Met With Schiff Staffers For A Total Of Ten Hours Before Testifying

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Michael Cohen, President Trump’s disgraced former attorney, reportedly met with the staff of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for a whopping ten hours before appearing before the House Intelligence Committee in February. The “unusual” meetings, as described by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), has the GOP further questioning if Cohen was coached for the hearing. Of course, he was.

Fox News is reporting that Cohen had the nerve to tell House investigators that Schiff’s staffers “traveled to New York at least four times to meet with him for over 10 hours immediately before last month’s high-profile public testimony.” Gee, nothing underhanded about that I’m sure. This particular report verifies Cohen’s comments on February 27, when he admitted to Rep. Jordan that he had spoken with Schiff “about topics that were going to be raised at the upcoming hearing” prior to giving his testimony.

Jordan didn’t hold back. He flat out accused the Democrats of coordinating the meetings. The sessions were wide-ranging and broached many topics that were raised during the hearing, leading Republicans to accuse Schiff of essentially coaching the witness.

“There’s always, Bill [Hemmer], a little bit of interaction with the witness prior to a hearing. But 10 hours, several trips to his location in New York, that is very unusual. Particularly when we asked for a deposition and weren’t given that opportunity,” Jordan said. “They did 10 hours of preparation with this witness and he came in front of Congress and still lied to us!” Jordan exclaimed. “We think a total of eight lies.” Yep, because they prepped to lie and nothing else.

Adam Schiff hotly denied the accusations. “The extent of my contact was just inviting him to testify and also trying to allay his concerns about the President’s threats against him and his family, but our staff certainly sat down to interview him and that’s what you do in any credible investigation,” he stated on CBS’ “Face The Nation.” For a total of ten hours? Come on… get real.

“And that takes 10 hours?” Jordan roundly mocked Schiff. “I think the average person is saying ‘wait a minute, there’s something else going on here.’” Exactly.

From PJ Media:

“Jordan said on Fox News Friday morning that normally both sides would be allowed to have a deposition behind closed doors with a contentious, high-profile witness like Cohen before his testimony.

“They did 10 hours of preparation with this witness and he came in front of Congress and still lied to us!” Jordan exclaimed. “We think a total of eight lies.”

“Jordan and Rep. Mark Meadows, (R-N.C.) sent a six-page letter to newly sworn-in Attorney General William Barr last week, citing several instances where they say Cohen had been less than truthful during his seven-hour testimony. Earlier this week, Republicans discovered that Cohen also lied about his efforts to obtain a pardon from President Trump. Jordan told Fox News that he and Meadows would be sending another referral letter to the Justice Department, “because we’ve learned a few more things since his testimony last week.”

“The congressman said it’s normal for there to be “a little bit of interaction with a witness prior to a hearing, but 10 hours, several trips to his location in New York — that is very unusual, particularly when we asked for a deposition and weren’t given that opportunity.”

“Jordan pointed out that Schiff initially claimed that his staff had only met with Cohen “to alleviate any fears that he had and talked about practical concerns about when to show up and where to report.”

“But according to Fox, “The sources said the sessions covered a slew of topics addressed during the public hearing before the oversight committee — including the National Enquirer’s ‘Catch and Kill’ policy, American Media CEO David Pecker and the alleged undervaluing of President Trump’s assets.”

“Citing the discrepancy, Jordan and Meadows wrote to Cohen’s attorney requesting clarification on his testimony.”

Jordan didn’t stop there either. He leveled charges against Lanny Davis, Cohen’s attorney, of “choreographing” the partisan hearing. “Understand what took place here. Lanny Davis coordinated and choreographed this whole thing,” said Jordan. “He told our staff, ‘I planned this hearing, I picked this committee, I had to persuade Michael Cohen to do it.’ Maybe most importantly he said ‘I had to persuade chairman Cummings to do it.’”

Davis is an old Clinton crony. For most of his career, he has positioned himself as a Clinton defender, serving as White House counsel during Bill’s early crises and as a surrogate for Hillary’s presidential campaigns. According to The Daily Wire: “In February, Hillary Clinton attended a party celebrating the release of Davis’s book “The Unmaking of the President 2016: How FBI Director James Comey Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency.” Now he has been handed a chance to help vanquish the man who defeated her in 2016, the man who led his rally crowds to chant “lock her up.”

Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) also sent a letter to Cohen’s team demanding answers to questions concerning pre-hearing meetings. He enquired if Cohen had any contact “with Democratic Members or Democratic staff … prior to his appearances before House and Senate committees last week.”

Additionally, Turner requested information about the lengths of the contacts, their locations, and who exactly was involved. “These questions are important for the public to understand whether or not they were watching witness testimony, a public hearing, or well-rehearsed theater,” Turner wrote. My money is on the latter option.

Former House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes pointed out that it’s not illegal for members of Congress to talk to witnesses beforehand, but in a serious investigation, both Republican and Democrat lawyers meet the lawyers of the witness. “In this case, it sounds like they were just meeting with the witness himself, and this is not a serious investigation,” he said.

It’s not a serious investigation when one side has all the legal advantage. It is corrupt and should not be allowed. And as I said when Cohen went to testify again, what’s the point? He’s already been convicted of lying so allowing him to lie yet again is pointless. All that was proven is that Schiff and his team are great coaches.

Sources: The Daily Wire, PJ Media

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