Miami Man Disembowels Girlfriend During Sex Because She Called Out Ex-Husband’s Name

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A man who mercilessly disemboweled his girlfriend after she accidentally called out the name of her ex-husband during sex, will now be heading to prison without any possibility of parole.

Fidel Lopez, 26, murdered his 31-year-old girlfriend Maria Nemeth inside their own apartment in Sunrise, Miami, in September 2015, and it didn’t take long for police to find out what happened.

On Thursday, he made his futile apology to her family as they cried in a Miami courtroom, after seeing him sentenced. Lopez pleaded guilty to murder and sexually battery charges last month, all in order to avoid the death penalty.

Prosecutors threatened a motion to seek out execution unless he acknowledged and confessed to the killing of Nameth who worked as a leasing agent for a real estate development.

After losing his head and murdering her last year, Lopez admitted that he had pulled her intestines out of her with his bare hands, then sexually molested her by using a beer bottle and a hair straightener.

He then called 911, and was heard over the recording complaining that she was ‘having trouble breathing’. When police arrived, they found the woman’s lifeless, mangled body in the bathroom, along with Lopez sitting next to her, crying.

Once in custody, he claimed the couple had been having rough sex when she got up to use the bathroom, complaining that she wasn’t feeling good. He then said that from there, she vomited and passed out on the floor.

It didn’t take long for police to quickly poked holes in his story, explaining that the large pools of blood on the bedroom carpet and blood stains that were found inside a closet, didn’t constitute someone just feeling sick and passing out, especially when they observed bloody chunks of tissue at the scene.

Lopez at first pleaded not guilty, sticking by the story he had attempted to give authorities at first. He then confessed that the pair had been having sex inside the closet when she called out her ex-husband’s name, sending him into a savage rage.

Daily Mail:

On Thursday, he apologized to the woman’s family through a translator.

‘I ask for forgiveness. I hope they can find it and I hope that one day they can forgive me,’ he said, according to CBS which attended the trial.

His mother also appeared in court to apologize to the woman’s relatives.

‘We’d like to apologize. In the whole sense of the word, we are sorry. Everything that has happened to them has happened to us as well,’ she said.

Maria’s uncle Juan Cavezudo sobbed from the gallery before giving a statement about his slain niece’s character.

‘It would be very difficult to express it in a few lines,’ he said of her life, adding: ‘She was and will continue to be a model of affection, effort, perseverance and love of humanity.’

What kind of a savage would do such a thing? I will never understand the freaks and sickos that this world has to offer. They live a different existence where the rules just don’t apply to them in their mind…Until they get caught.

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