Melania Trump’s Lawsuit Over False Escort Story FINISHED! See The Results

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As First Lady and during the campaign, Melania Trump was criticized and picked apart like no other First Lady. Every mainstream liberal media outlet took the opportunity to bash her over true and false allegations. But one of the false one’s is costing them big. The ‘Daily Mail’ had previously posted a very salacious rumored story about Melania Trump that was false. Now the lawsuit she filed against them is over and she was awarded $2.9 million!

Back in August they had published a story that she had worked as a female escort. Ultimately they retracted the article and apologized to the future First Lady. However, regardless she sued them for $150 million in damages.

In response to the controversy the ‘Daily Mail’ posted the following statement,’

“We accept that these allegations about Mrs. Trump are not true and we retract and withdraw them. We apologize to Mrs. Trump for any distress that our publication caused her.”

When the article was first published and then re-shared via other outlets the First Lady began retweeting apologies that other sites had published. One statement from the Bipartisan Report read,

“Yesterday, Aug. 21, 2016, we published a story sourced from multiple outlets about Melania Trump’s past employment. After publishing, it was brought to our attention that many of the statements made by sources were not fully confirmed by audio or video tape and are therefore heresay. Aside from the facts not being 100 percent accurate, we deeply regret reporting on a story of such a ‘low brow’ nature.”

Despite being a rather trashy outlet ‘The Inquisitr’ did apologize as well to Melania Trump writing the following in one of their public statements,

“While Inquisitr writers did not generate said rumors, which alleged Melania Trump previously earned money as an escort, the writer in question was not diligent in fact-checking or maintaining a healthy distance between innuendo and fact.”

The left have routinely taken every opportunity to make fun of her looks, her profession, her past work as a model, and her accent to name a few. Publishing false stories was just another dig that took things one step too far. However, nobody heard the leftist progressives yelling and screaming from the rooftops about how unfairly she was being treated.

But God forbid a Democratic woman is unfairly treated and they yell misogyny, sexism, or racism. The same goes for Kellyanne Conway whom Democrats didn’t defend when one of the Representatives said she looked comfortable with her knees up and outstretched on the Oval Office couch. Apparently people can only be racist or sexist if they’re Republicans. That is just not something Democrats do apparently.

It is the ultimate form of hypocrisy. The Trumps don’t need the money. The lawsuit was clearly done to make a point. And who better to do that than people such as themselves who have almost endless financial resources. Good for them for defending themselves against liberal bullies from the left who are never held accountable for their actions.

Shame on the ‘Daily Mail’ for doing what they did. Justice has finally been served and it is sweet.

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