Megyn Kelly Just Scored A Big Win That Will Send All Her Haters Home Crying

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Megyn Kelly just keeps on #winning. For the second straight week and the third time ever, she has topped all of cable news in the key demo, and that folks, is how you do awesome. This girl has it, and she isn’t gonna stop till she has it all.

Western Journalism reports that on The Kelly File last week, the 9 p.m. ET host increased her viewership in the 25-54 ratings from 400K to 458K–beating out The O’Reilly Factor, which averaged 431K, Mediaite reported. O’Reilly had the most total viewers with 2.527 million, while Kelly had 2.219 million. She was helped by an interview with Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and a spirited debate on immigration featuring Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera and Ann Coulter, both of which took place last Tuesday.

The host challenged Cruz on calling for judicial retention elections, in which appointed justices would be voted on in national elections every eight years. “You want to rewrite the Constitution in response to a couple of decisions you don’t like?” Kelly asked the junior senator from Texas, also contending that judicial elections would “make the court more political.”

“This is an insult that — I won’t use the term ‘racist,’ because I don’t think Ann’s a racist,” Rivera said during their segment. “What she is is a polemicist, and she’s written a screed, a diatribe. She had a point she wanted to make and in her very sharp and witty writing, she’s made it.”

“I don’t think you’re a racist either,” Coulter replied, “but I think you’re getting pretty close to the edge by insisting Hispanics piggyback on the black experience in America. The reason we have affirmative action and set-asides is to make up for the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow — it’s not for people who just stepped foot in this country to piggyback on that very unique history and start claiming affirmative action.”


Way to go, Megyn. You are showing the world that you can be smart, conservative, and beautiful. Congratulations on your success, and always remember, haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie, or email the author at [email protected]

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