Meghan McCain Is Upset With President Trump… So What

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Trump roasted failed presidential candidate John McCain during his speech to CPAC on Friday, and Meghan McCain popped up right afterwards on The View to defend her daddy’s honor.

The Conservative Political Action Conference wrapped up yesterday, but the highlight performance was 50 minutes worth of Donald Trump speaking to a revved up crowd. Reports from backstage say that Trump went off-script for 90% of the time he was up there, ignoring the speech already written for him on the teleprompter.

Honoring a pledge he had previously made to Meghan, Trump didn’t call out John by name but still clearly referred to the former candidate and current Senator from Arizona. A few months back, when John was ill with cancer, Trump called up Meghan to say that he wouldn’t go after him or attack him while he was in recovery. At the time, Meghan said that Trump was “very nice.”

Trump Don’t Care

In his speech, Trump talked about “one senator” who waltzed into Congress at 3am and cast a vote that prevented the Republicans from killing Obamacare outright.

“Remember, one person walked into the room, said this way and went this way, and everyone saw what happened.  I don’t want to be controversial so I won’t use his name.”

Trump gave a thumbs up and a thumbs down during his speech, referring to McCain voting with a thumbs down at the last minute, preventing Obamacare from being repealed.

Meghan’s Response On Air

So, Meghan addressed the audience at The View:

“As you know, President Trump took some potshots at my father and got the crowd at CPAC to boo him.”

She continued, saying that her mother will be joining her on the panel next week, during which:

“both of us will be addressing this…and talk about what it’s like having this continue to happen while my father battles brain cancer.”

Okay, sure. But if your father hadn’t sabotaged one of the big campaign promises that got Trump elected, perhaps Trump wouldn’t be taking swipes at him during CPAC.

Nobody is going after your dad because of his illness. It’s because he’s a jerk with stupid policies.

Trump Don’t Care

Somehow I don’t think that Trump is upset that Meghan’s ticked off.

Imagine Having To Defend John McCain

Meghan’s in a tough spot here — it’s important to be loyal to your father.

But she’s in a much different position than any of us will ever be. Meghan’s on an internationally broadcast talk show specifically because she’s John McCain’s daughter. Even if she remained neutral, or tried to understand both sides, her entire media resume is based on her last name.

Meghan generally does a reasonable job at sticking up for Christians and Republicans and conservatives, but she is the low man on the totem poll in terms of being able to put up a strong defense. Recently she was cut off by Whoopi Goldberg before she could get into the meat of her piece on why it was horrible of Joy Behar to insult Mike Pence and call Christian prayer a “mental illness.” Whoopi blamed the off-screen producers for cutting Meghan off before she could finish apologizing on behalf of Joy, and that was that.

I would’ve quit a long time ago. The money must be good to be willing to share a stage with such nasty people.

McCain Trashed Trump In Australia…

Look, John, we know that kangaroo land is on the other side of the world and has backwards seasons, but they still have the internet and if you run your mouth there, we’ll find out about it here.

McCain (who lost an election) went down under in June of last year to complain that Trump (who won an election) “bothers” him:

“Other American allies have similar doubts these days and this is understandable. I realize that some of President Trump’s actions and statements have unsettled America’s friends. They have unsettled many Americans as well.”

Clearly Johnny’s the one with the finger on the pulse of America.

And to MSNBC.

Last spring McCain went to gossip with Kasie Hunt on MSNBC where he moaned about Trump’s budget. The way he described it made him sound exactly like a Democrat… all complaints, no reasonable recommendations:

“President Trump’s $603 billion defense budget request is inadequate to the challenges we face, illegal under current law, and part of an overall budget proposal that is dead on arrival in Congress.”

Yeah, the guy who was REJECTED BY VOTERS and LOST AN ELECTION is clearly the one who understands the budget priorities of Americans!

But McCain pushed the idea that Trump ought to be taking another 30 billion of taxpayer dollars to put into rebuilding the military. Nevermind that Trump won overwhelmingly on kicking illegals to the curb, not on whatever McCain feels the military should be doing.

Sources: Deadline, Politico

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