MEDIA ELITISM: NBC’s Chuck Todd Declares That Only Candidates Media Deem ‘Worthy’ Should Receive Coverage

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Meet the Press host Chuck Todd who is also NBC’s political director has declared that the media should decide for the American People who is, and is not worthy! Todd’s comments received outrage by social media, government officials, as well as a FEW of his colleagues. What in the world???

“I feel compelled to give everybody a chance to prove that they’re worthy of coverage,” Todd stated.

So Todd, and the media, now gets to decide who is worthy, based on their judgment of that candidate’s ability to ‘prove’ it to Chuck Todd.

Todd’s declaration arose in a conversation regarding Marianne Williamson, an unsuccessful California congressional candidate who just entered the already crowded field of Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Williamson has claimed that she has reached the 65,000-donor threshold to qualify for the upcoming primary debates.

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Todd thinks he gets to decide if she is worthy of coverage, and thus, debate inclusion.


Politico tweeted out the remark. Of course, I responded! ReTweet, ReTweet!!!

“I don’t even want to sit here and say, ‘Yeah, we’ll never have an embed on Marianne Williamson,’” Todd continued.

“How do I know that? She may get on that debate stage and suddenly have a following, and there we will be.”

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Politico explains some of the logistics surrounding Todd’s elitist declaration.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who is leading national and key-state polls, already has something resembling a traditional press corps, with news organizations such as the New York Times, Associated Press and NBC News assigning beat reporters to cover him exclusively, and he has formed a press pool to cover his fundraisers.

But most newsrooms can’t afford — or don’t want — to assign a reporter to every candidate. That’s prompting some creativity in how to cover the 2020 race.

CNN is offering every candidate who wants one a chance to participate in a televised town hall, even though the events aren’t always ratings hits. Williamson has done one this year, as have 13 other Democratic candidates, and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke has one scheduled for Tuesday. The network also has announced plans for events with Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, and California Rep. Eric Swalwell.

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CNN Washington bureau chief Sam Feist said he expects the network to spend “more money than we ever have in the past” on this election cycle, including staging and producing the town halls and sending reporters out into the field.

“To cover all the candidates, to cover the policy, the big picture, and the stories that involve multiple candidates in any one day — and to cover all the events — it takes an army,” Feist said. “So, we’ve deployed an army to cover this election.”

Other newsrooms are expanding for 2020. The Washington Post has about 10 reporters who travel regularly with candidates, plus a bigger political investigations team and more editors than in 2016, Washington Post national editor Steve Ginsberg said. The Post has also added a seven-days-a-week breaking news desk dedicated solely to covering politics.

So, it sounds to me that the media is already setting things up to show us, who is worthy!

Of course, last time it backfired. They figured if they played Trump 24/7, he would win the primary and hand Hillary the White House! Well we know how that worked out!

Keep the popcorn coming! This here is about to be the wildest ride in politics!

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