Mattis: ‘I need to make the military more lethal;’ Democrats Flock to Safe Spaces

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You have probably heard about the Republican retreat going on in West Virginia – this one starring Mad Dog Mattis. It happens every year, although it doesn’t usually make the news. But this year it sure did when the train carrying many GOP members and their families hit a truck on the tracks, causing one death and several injuries. You know, the crash that had several liberals celebrating.

In any case, at the retreat itself, the lawmakers and their families have time to relax and unwind. But that isn’t all they do. The retreat is a time to strategize and regroup for the coming year.

This year, Defense Secretary James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, spoke to the Republicans laying out the case for more military funding. To anyone who understands the purpose of a military, he remarks should not be controversial. But for a Democrat, his words are horrifying and confusing. They surely needed their binkies and blankies after this one. Mattis is famous for his bluntness and insightful quotes aptly called “Mattisisms.”

H/T The Hill

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — Defense Secretary James Mattis on Thursday told House and Senate GOP lawmakers gathered at a party retreat here that the Trump administration will request $716 billion for defense spending for the new fiscal year that begins Oct. 1.

That figure is nearly $50 billion, or 7 percent, higher than Trump’s fiscal 2018 budget request for the Pentagon.

“I’m not subtle,” Mattis told GOP lawmakers at their annual retreat at the famed Greenbriar resort, which allows tours of its Cold War-era nuclear fallout shelters.

“I need to make the military more lethal. Some people think I’m supposed to be an equal-opportunity employer,” Mattis added, according to several sources in the closed-door meeting. That appeared to be a veiled shot at Democrats who have called for fiscal parity, with domestic spending receiving the same increase as defense spending.

The Trump administration requested roughly $668 billion for defense in fiscal 2018. Defense hawks derided that figure at the time as little more than what former President Obama had planned and instead pushed for a $700 billion defense budget.

Some on Capitol Hill blamed White House budget director Mick Mulvaney, a staunch deficit hawk, for the less-than-expected request last year. The significant bump this year appears to signal Mattis has won out.

Mattis has said he needs a 3 percent to 5 percent increase over inflation each year to rebuild readiness that has eroded after years of budget dysfunction. He also wants the growth to align with the new National Defense Strategy in which the military is set to pivot from years of focusing on terrorism to returning to a so-called great power competition with rivals such as Russia and China.

Mattis also complained about Congress funding the government through a series of short-term stopgap measures known as continuing resolutions, or CRs.

“I cannot maintain the U.S. military on CRs,” Mattis said, according to the sources.

Mattis appeared at the GOP retreat with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, whom Mattis referred to as “Saint Rex of Texas.”

Trump will be the keynote speaker during a two-hour lunch with lawmakers later Thursday.

Imagine that, a military leader that understands that military funding should take precedence over other spending. It’s almost as if he knows that if we don’t have an adequate way to protect ourselves, there will be nothing left to protect! For 8 years of our military was being treated like a thorn in Obama’s side. I love that Trump has put his faith in hard-nosed leaders who don’t mess around and don’t mince words.

Of course, James “Mad Dog” Mattis was once asked “What keeps you awake at night?”  without skipping a beat he replied in no uncertain terms “I keep other people awake a night.” Yes, that is definitely who I want in charge!

Another favorite Mattis quote of mine to a group of Iraqi leaders, “‘I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f*ck with me, I’ll kill you all.” Yeah, I wouldn’t mess with this guy!

Democrats like a softer approach and Obama was weak and certainly not intimidating leader. They don’t like this tough talk from our leaders and certainly don’t think our military should be “more lethal.” But thankfully, they aren’t the ones in charge anymore! #MAGA

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