Masked Antifa Members Storm Reporter Andy Ngo’s Family Home On Halloween, Dox Elderly Mother’s Business

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On Halloween, six male Antifa terrorists stormed the family home of journalist Andy Ngo, who routinely covers the far-left group’s violent antics, particularly in Portland, Oregon. They banged on walls, windows, and doors while wearing masks depicting Ngo in a scene straight out of The Purge. It’s very creepy stuff. In the provided video footage from Ngo, it appears that one of the suspected Antifa members, who is wearing thick gloves, grabs the handle of the front door. Fortunately, he did not get in. Antifa is notoriously violent and has put Ngo in the hospital previously for speaking out against the communist group.

“These [six] individuals wearing print-out masks of my face approached my family’s home last night, repeatedly rang doorbell, pounded on window, recorded footage of property, and gestured at cameras,” Ngo captioned a video of the incident. “There were no candy bags.” Obviously, these were not kids looking for Halloween candy. They had something much more personal in mind.

From The Daily Wire:

“According to the journalist, the incident follows Antifa doxing his elderly mother’s small business.

“This is the latest addition to a long list of Antifa-related individuals doxing, threatening, and promising to hurt or kill me or my family,” Ngo told The Post Millennial.

“According to the outlet, the police were notified of the incident while it occurred Thursday night and a police report was taken, although “the gang had fled before they had arrived.”

“The journalist was informed by officers that suspects who cover their faces “are hard, if not impossible to identify.”

“At the end of June, Ngo suffered a brain bleed from an attack by Antifa while he was covering one of the group’s violent demonstrations in Portland.

“I was beaten on the head & robbed on 29 June. Antifa then continued to hurl ‘milkshakes’ at my bleeding face. I was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage,” Ngo captioned a video of the attack.

“It was suspected by authorities that some of the “milkshakes” being thrown by Antifa were made with quick-dry cement.

“[Rose City Antifa] claimed the beating & robbery of me,” noted the journalist. “The [mainstream media] has not reported this out & still call what I say an ‘allegation.’ Even with the demonstrable history of [Rose City Antifa] being a violent extremist group, they still openly organize, dox & recruit on [Twitter] and [Facebook].”

“Due to Ngo’s extensive and unrelenting covering of Antifa, the group has repeatedly targeted the journalist. Weeks ago, for example, the extremist group made a wanted-style poster calling on folks to protest his speech at the Heritage Foundation. In the past, far-left activists have tried to shut down dissenting views via the “heckler’s veto.”

“Antifa group has put out a wanted-style ‘community alert’ calling for the public to protest my upcoming lecture at the Heritage Foundation,” Ngo posted on October 12th.

“Ngo, the son of Vietnamese immigrants, was labeled a “far-right activist and a fake news pusher” by the group.

“Since taking the brutal physical assault from Antifa in the summer, noted The Post Millennial, “Ngo has been subjected to targetted online harassment, death threats, as well as open efforts to make his life more complicated by creating ‘inconveniences and environment hostility’ by applying pressure on businesses to refuse service to him, as well as for him ‘to be publicly de-platformed ala Milo [Yiannopolous.]’”’

Shame on Portland for allowing this kind of persecution and violence to go on. They are taunting the victim of their terrorist violence. And sooner or later, if given the chance, they will try and kill Andy Ngo and the authorities there will say there was nothing they could do. Which is, of course, pure rubbish.

The media has even falsely portrayed Ngo as a perpetrator of terrorism because he was caught in the same vicinity as Patriot Prayer, a group whose members have been jailed for being willing to stand up against Antifa terrorists. “To go from being a victim of multiple assaults to suddenly accused of being the violent aggressor or complicit in the acts of others is the type of gaslighting I am used to by now,” Ngo wrote.

“The ‘damning’ video purporting to show me conspiring in a violent attack, which shows nothing of the sort, is just the latest in a string of lies designed to intimidate me into silence since the brain injury I sustained in June failed to silence me,” Ngo added.

These are violent fascists who are intent on pushing a communist agenda down our throats and anyone who gets in the way risks their lives. I admire Andy Ngo and his work. You don’t hear one snippet in the media about this attack. It should be all over the news.

Evidently, in 2019, anything goes, no matter how violent, as long as you are anti-Trump. This is the kind of thing that leads to civil war and the left has fully embraced it.

Sources: The Daily Wire, Big League Politics, The RightScoop, Gateway Pundit, The Post Millenial

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