Governor of New York: “Climate Change Created ISIS” WTH? [VIDEO]

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You’ll have to watch this video at least twice to believe your ears. I watched three times and I still could not believe the words that were coming out of a supposedly smart and educated man.

Martin O’Malley sure takes a slice of the stupid cake on this one:

From the comments:

Dale Dorsett :

The things people imagine – sure a hotter temp makes people more irritable but it is the evil within the person that is the issue not temperature.

I do agree that droughts cause social unrest but weather and conditions around don’t control people but can add to problems.

If a person is a murderer and thinks that he/she is serving their god then the problem is within and only enhanced by other outside factors.

Ken Watson Shared on Google+ :
Check out this video on YouTube:

Blame everything on the global warming hoax!

Ty311 :
…and rainbows fly out of my ass when I fart

Despiser Despised :

What a complete IDIOT. You sound like a worm. Green politics seems to be a way to make crazily extreme totalitarians feel good about themselves.

Billy Bob :



Billy Bob, you’re right. This is beyond f****** stupid. Too bad this simple minded fool will never know what an ass he makes of himself speaking drivel like this on television. Martin O’Malley’s only climate change is the hot air coming out of his mouth.

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