Marquette University Enlisting RA’s to Actively Suppress Conservative Thought

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The Jesuits are again working on their strange reputation by handing out materials to campus leaders about social justice and promoting queerness and homosexuality.

One RA spoke up to say that the pro-gay, pro-diversity material is nothing new.

Marquette University

Located in Milwaukee, Marquette was established by the Catholic Society of Jesus, and officially founded in 1881 by the first Bishop of Milwaukee, John Martin Henni. The school is named for a 17th century missionary who wanted provide education to the area’s German immigrant population. There are a total of 28 Jesuit-associated colleges in the United States.

Right now, the school has just over 12,000 students and 11,00 staff.

RA Social Justice Resource Packet

Recently, Resident Assistants (RAs) were given a Social Justice Resource Guide to help them in their duties of monitoring fellow students and performing small administrative duties in campus dormitories. The Guide is intended to help the RAs work on “education and discussion around issues of diversity.”

There are eight pages in the Guide, so let’s start with the Key Definitions given in it:

Social Inequalities: is the existence of unequal opportunities and rewards for different social positions or statuses within a group or society.

Advocacy: the act or process of supporting a cause.

Diversity: the conditions of having or being composed of different types elements especially: the inclusion of different types of peoples in a group or discussion.

Identity: the distinguishing character or personality of an individual.

Oh boy.

Jesuit School Now Promoting LGBTQ+

Further on in the guide, RAs are given a list of “Diversity Advocates” whose roles are to work on “issues of diversity.”

You’d expect a list of saints here, wouldn’t you? St. Martin de Porres was born in South America and is the patron saint of people seeking interracial harmony and for mixed-race people. But the Jesuits have gone a bit off their rockers lately, so they sure won’t be directing people to religious teachings when there are perfectly good “diversity advocates” available.

As well, RAs are encouraged to rely on left wing campus groups into the LGBTQ+ group — God only knows what the plus is all about.

Further, there’s a calendar of specific campus events that cover all these left wing topics and a “social identity resource.”

According to one RA on campus, Joel Burfeind, the school

“…doesn’t allow for conservative thoughts or even ‘diversity of thought’ to be present in any way. Leaders of the Office of Residence Life have enabled progressive behavior and dialogue yet have actively suppressed conservative philosophies of any kind. This packet is what we have to impart onto our residents; not other events, but only that of the liberal agenda that the office pushes.”

You’d think the purpose of a Catholic school is to teach beyond the standard catechism and to offer philosophy, history and theology courses that do not denigrate God or the role and teachings of the Roman Catholic church. But you’d be wrong.

Why Are Jesuit Schools Full of SJWs?

This is far from the first time we’ve covered the strange case of the Catholic Jesuits going rouge and pushing SJW ideals. For starters, the current Pope is a Jesuit, which helps to explain why the Vatican has gone so nutty into climate change and other issues that have blessed little to do with administering to one billion religious followers.

Last month, a professor at the Jesuit-run College of the Holy Cross is teaching “the centrality of sex and gender” in relation to the New Testament, and I don’t think he means the discussion over which Marys are the same one. Professor Liew says that Jesus is:

  • King of Israel (yes)
  • King of the Jews (also yes)
  • Also a drag king (no)

Jesus is a drag king, says the professor at the Jesuit school, because water in the New Testament has something to do with cross-dressing “and other queer desires.”

The same College has just previously bowed to pressure to get rid of their “Crusader” nickname. Which is very sinful, considering that the Crusades (well, some of them) were probably the best idea that Catholics ever had. But no, Holy Cross with their $46,000 yearly tuition decided that their Crusader moniker is too violent.

Again, re-taking the Holy Land was one of the best ideas that Catholics ever had. And this school is ashamed of it!

Sources: Campus Reform

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