March For Our Rights Nationwide Rally Led By Immigrant

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Sybele Capezzutti is an American patriot. Sybele’s passionate about illegal immigration especially since she immigrated legally to the United States from Brazil back in 1987, almost three decades ago. However, since that time she has become not only a successful business woman, but a conservative blogger who writes often about cultural Marxism and the dangers of Socialism.

As anyone can imagine, Sybele Capezzutti came to this country as a legal immigrant from Brazil to escape socialism. However today, Sybele sees some resemblances of the past staring Americans right in the face as the erosion of our Civil Rights. Sybele Capezzutti states,

“I chose to be an American.  I had to fight to get here. I am not going to give up my rights so easily.” 

After watching Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer fight for DACA, that was the last straw for Capezzutti. Shortly afterwards, she sat down to share her feelings on DACA and her side of the story in a Facebook Live video.

After her Facebook Live video went viral receiving over a million views, Sybele Capezzutti was invited to appear on Fox News with Shannon Bream to talk about the proposed DACA fix.

After Capezzutti’s exposure on Fox News, Bryan Turner contacted her and out of 2 million friend requests Sybele chose to accept him.  After the liberals on the left’s ‘March for Our Lives’ rallies, Bryan had been watching Capezzutti’s posts, he contacted Sybele and asked her to expand her activism videos.

Capezzutti and Turner came up with the idea ‘March for Our Rights’, because this wasn’t just about the 2nd Amendment. Turner and Capezzutti wanted to protect all of our civil rights from being infringed upon.

Turner and Capezzutti reached out to other patriots and volunteers and the nonprofit group ‘Freedom Rights a 501(c) 4 was created.

Freedom Rights has now organized a ‘March For Our Rights’ on May 19th in over 25 states from California, Texas, Florida and others, through the support of Facebook pages and social media.

Capezzutti states:

“We want to give ongoing support to the states that have leaders for these groups.  We had to work very hard to get permits in some states and that is an infringement of our rights. The group wants to lend our experience to these state groups. Many places were trying to charge us up to $8,000 for a permit to gather.”

Capezzutti adds, “It isn’t about the money. It’s  about our rights.”

The nonprofit group Freedom Rights has organized a “March for Our Rights” in 17 states and 24 cities across America. Freedom Rights welcomes American families to join in the celebration our individual rights with other patriots on May 19, 2018.

Join Freedom Rights as these and other grassroots patriots boldly stand up to defend our Constitutional rights at podiums all around the country in a “March for Our Rights” on May 19th.  Freedom Rights joins other prominent Conservatives and Libertarians including Aynaz Anni Cyrus, SABO, Ari David, Brett Segal (The Disgruntled Millennial), Mark Keith Robinson and many other patriots and freedom loving Americans provide a counterbalance of organized Americans to combat the rise of an overreaching government that is out of control.

On May 19th, patriots everywhere will be joining Freedom Rights in the “March For Our Rights” a rally for Americans to take back our country and defend our Constitution. The time is now.

To learn more about Freedom Rights or the ‘March For Our Rights’ rallies across America on May 19th please visit their webpage at

You can also follow Freedom Rights and ‘March for Our Rights’ on Twitter @MFORights

In addition audio podcasts of ‘March For Our Rights’ are also available on iTunes at The Disgruntled Millenial.


Isn’t it time the liberal MSM heard the REAL voices from ‘We The People’?


Support Freedom Rights and join in the ‘March For Our Rights’ on May 19th, 2018.




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