THIS Many Illegal Aliens Given Temporary Amnesty Under Trump Administration

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Despite the fact that Democrats would have you believe the new administration is completely bigoted and xenophobic recent statistics released from the Department of Homeland Security indicate those accusations are far from the truth. The Department reported that in the first three months of this year approximately 55,000 illegal aliens were given de facto amnesty under the classification of Temporary Protected Status.

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This means that 54,944 either had their status renewed or they were new recipients of this amnesty certification. Immigration hawks, mostly conservative, have been opposed to this policy as an indirect amnesty program. Under this new Temporary Protected Status, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants will be allowed to stay in the United States for a minimum of 18 months.

Once this 18 months are finished those under this classification will have the option to re-apply for renewal. Despite the high number of people being given protected status the statistics now are still much lower than they have been in the past. These statistics cover the time between January and March of 2017.

But if you think that number is high you should compare it to the number that President Obama placed under Temporary Protected Status in his last three months of office… 84,000. A clear attempt to try and get as many passed as possible before the Trump administration took power when he knew that far less would be accepted.

Rep. Mo Brooks is one opponent to the Temporary Protected Status system. He has even introduced legislation to halt the program. In an interview, he once said the following about his immigration stance,

“My bill, the TPS Reform Act, would ensure that ‘temporary’ means temporary by establishing clear time limitations and creating statutory tests that must be met to grant the TPS designation. This legislation provides the needed reform for what has become a long-running amnesty program.”

What President Trump is doing is ingenious. Not only is he upholding his promise to crack down on illegal immigration, which he is doing by diminishing the number of people provided Temporary Protected Status, but he’s not completely cutting out this program. This indicates that he doesn’t have an extreme immigration policy. He is willing to work to a middle ground. Were he not willing to do this he would have just eliminated the program altogether.

However, regardless of the hard and good work he is doing, constituents will still find an excuse to rail against him and reporters will still look for every opportunity to report on the negative aspects of his presidency without reporting on the good. Conservative radio show host Dale Jackson is one of those people claiming the President has not fulfilled his campaign promise when he went on air and said,

“It’s a violation of a campaign promise. This is completely within his singular power to do by himself.  There’s no rationalization I can come up with. The guy said one thing during the campaign and he’s outright not doing it.”

Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly said the following during a Cabinet meeting,

“While we still welcome legal immigrants to the tune of 1 million a year, we are no longer a friendly environment for illegal border-crossers.”

Even border crossings have greatly decreased approximately 59 percent over the last year. From February to May of 2016 there were 188,000 while in 2017 during that same time period there were 76,000. That’s a significant decrease. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said the following to the Daily Caller about it,

“So, I’m pretty happy that they’ve done so much in such a short period of time so it would really be difficult for me to criticize them on that issue because there’s no comparison with any other administration as far as how quickly and effectively they’ve approached the problem on many different fronts.”

Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol Ronald Vitiello said the following about illegal immigration to the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee,

“As a result of the executive orders issued by the president, and the implementing policies issued by the secretary, as well as earlier policy changes and the significant investments we have made in border enforcement personnel, technology, and infrastructure, we are seeing a historic shift in illegal crossings along the Southwest border.”

President Trump has upheld his promises. No matter how you spin it. Even Republicans don’t like it. The President said we would get to a point where we would get sick of winning. We haven’t quite gotten to that point yet because winning feels pretty darn good.

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