Man With Down Says ‘My Life Is Worth Living’ As Pro-Choicers Propose To ‘Kill’ Babies With Genetic Diseases [VIDEO]

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Since when did the American people grant the government the right to decide when a life is not worth living? The Constitution guarantees that each individual has certain ‘inalienable rights’ that are bestowed upon him/her by our creator which can NOT be taken or given away! That includes LIFE!

According to our Constitution, life is an ‘inalienable right’ given to each individual at birth. Birth is at conception. How is it then that the government can then decide to TAKE this right away from a child conceived even if that child is born with Down syndrome?

Appearing before a Congressional Committee, Frank Stephens was able to spread the fact that his life with Down syndrome was one “worth living.” He was there to counter arguments by abortion lovers who want to reduce the number of people with Down syndrome to zero, which Stephens called a “final solution.”

“I don’t feel I should have to justify my existence. Is there really no place for us in the world?”

Recently, CBS ran a story that claimed that Iceland had “eliminated” Down syndrome, which does not mean they had found a way to cure or treat the disorder, which is caused by a genetic issue on the 21st chromosome. Iceland was simply aborting every baby that had been found to have the disorder before they had a chance to be born.

“Let’s be America, not Iceland or Denmark.”

Stephens said, referring to recent reports chronicling the near-100 percent abortion rate of unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome in those countries.

Stephens went on to criticize the prenatal screenings that identify and may encourage termination, and that while it’s hard for him to say it, he understands “that the people pushing this particular final solution are saying that people like me should not exist.”

An Obama-appointed District Court Judge, Tanya Walton, recently overturned an abortion ban in Indiana that prevented women from undergoing abortions because they did not like the child’s sex or race, or if they did not like that the child had Down syndrome. The Judge remarked that this is to protect the “woman’s right to choose an abortion” regardless of her reasons for the choice.

 Recently President Trump gave a statement condemning people who want to abort children with genetic abnormalities including Down syndrome, and giving a strong defense of people who live with the disorder.

“Sadly, there remain too many people – both in the United States and throughout the world – that still see Down syndrome as an excuse to ignore or discard human life,” said Trump. “All people have inherent dignity.”

In finishing his remarks, Stephens urges the panel to consider his belief that his life with Down syndrome is “worth living.”

According to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, Stephens first made the news in 2012 when he wrote an open letter to Ann Coulter for using the term retard to describe President Obama, where he appeared on Pier Morgan’s show to discuss the “r-word” campaign that encourages people to remove the term from their casual vocabulary, citing it to be demeaning to people like him. He met with Barack and Michelle Obama, and has also criticized the Godless Richard Dawkins for stating his opinion that it’s immoral to not abort a child if you find out that it has Down syndrome, because people with Down syndrome cause more suffering than happiness to be brought into the world.

You can watch the seven minute video here:

Surely happiness is worth something.

President Trump has said, “…We must always be vigilant in defending and promoting the unique and special gifts of all citizens in need.”

“We should not tolerate any discrimination against them, as all people have inherent dignity,” the President added.

Remember these words from Stephens,

“Whatever you learn today, please remember this. I am a man with Down syndrome and my life is worth living.”

Absolutely! Life is an ‘inalienable right’ bestowed upon each of us by our creator. The Constitution guarantees that this right, ‘life’ is an ‘inalienable right’ given to each of us. It can NOT and should NOT be taken or given away by the government. Only God has that right!

So what makes our government feel that we should be paying taxes to support abortion, when LIFE is an ‘inalienable’ right protected by our Constitution?

Every LIFE is worth living – with or without Down syndrome.

H/T Right Wing News


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