Man Falls To His Feet Terrified After He Touched The Aquarium Glass

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Sometimes some things are so hilarious that you just watch want to watch it over and over, and share it with all of your friends. This is one of those items. You will definitely want to share this around.

The social media video world is full of pranks. C’mon, admit it, you too have watched some of them, or even many. From elaborate ‘Candid Camera’ style jokes, to amateur ‘Caught Cheating’ pranks, people love a good prank.

Well this prank involves a screen making you believe that you are in front of a Shark aquarium. There is a big “touch at your own risk” sign at the top, just begging people to touch it. They might as well have placed a ‘do not touch’ sign, as we know how human nature works.

Well what comes next is priceless, and you can see the whole video at the bottom of the article. You will definitely chuckle, and more likely bust a gut! I want to take a friend here!

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When this brave man stepped up and touched a museum display screen in Washington, D.C., he had no idea that a shark would soon head his way! The image of a charging shark was so frightening that he fell right over!

Now footage of his extreme reaction is gaining attention online. Once you watch it for yourself, you’ll understand why he was so scared! We can relate!

Even though humans have an understandable fear of sharks, the number of unprovoked attacks in 2016 was far less than most people would assume. More than 150 cases of shark attacks worldwide were reported and investigated during that year, but just 84 of those cases were proven to be “unprovoked” attacks on humans.

Thankfully, these cases are few and far between. For the most part, sharks are intelligent creatures that can differentiate a person from their natural prey. But yet humans still harbor apprehension for these animals.

In particular, humans are scared of the giant jaws and razor-sharp teeth! That’s exactly why this display at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. is so frightening. It might even give you flashbacks of the Jaws movies. 

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Even with the “try at your own risk” sign, the scary nature of the exhibit was tested out by the brave man in the video below. You’ll watch with anticipation as he begins to try the interactive display. At first it seems harmless and unexciting.

He carefully tapped on the screen, and seconds later, a shark appeared to swim along the length of the screens. He seems to be fascinated by the technology, but there’s nothing to fear at this point. So far so good, right?

But then when he touched the screen a second time, the shark swam right at him! The image of an enormous shark charging his way caused the man to topple over in fear. It’s quite alarming!


We can’t blame him! Take a peek at this hair-raising museum display pressing “play” on the video below. H/T Sharetap


There are actually a few of these online. This one is also quite funny.

This how you scare your family while visiting the international Spy Museum in Washington DC

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