Man Complains Cross At War Memorial “Offends” Him, How The City Responded is SHAMEFUL

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If there’s one thing culture and society in the twenty-first century is going to be known for, it’s being super sensitive and easily offended.

Nowadays, all it takes to create a national uproar and have someone’s rights trampled is for one, single, solitary citizen to boohoo and say something “offended” them.

What happened to a cross at a war memorial in North Carolina is a perfect example of how modern day culture bows the knee to political correctness and seeks desperately to appease the whiners our society produces.

From Mad World News:

According to Fox8, King City Council voted 3-2 last week to remove a sculpture showing a Vietnam soldier kneeling next to a cross and paying tribute to a fallen comrade after Steven Hewett claimed his constitutional rights were violated by it. City leaders said that pressure from insurance companies and lawyers forced them to settle in the lawsuit, because continuing to fight would be too costly for the taxpayers.

“Both sides in this matter wish to avoid further costs, and this agreement will ensure that the City of King will not spend additional taxpayer funds to continue litigation in federal court,” an official statement from the city said.

Hewett is an Afghanistan War veteran, and he enlisted the help of the group Americans United for Separation of Church and State to sue the city to remove the memorial.

“The United States Armed Forces are highly diverse,” Hewett said, according to Christian News. “To have a veterans’ memorial that only honors soldiers of one religion is not only a violation of the First Amendment, but also an insult to the memory of non-Christians who served their country.”

Somebody get Hewett a box of tissues and a pacifier.

Here’s the thing Mr. Hewett obviously doesn’t have the brain power to understand. You can look all through the Constitution, checking line by line through every page and you will not find the right to NOT be offended ANYWHERE in the text.

Sorry, pal, but there’s no God-given (or natural if you’re an atheist) right to not be offended. In fact, the whole concept of freedom of speech would be undermined, as would freedom of religion, if such a right actually existed.

What this putz doesn’t get is the concept of separation of church and state was coined by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to the Danbury Baptists and had little to do with religion’s role in government.

Basically, if this is the memorial this community chose to honor vets with, then the community has spoken, exercising both freedom of religion and freedom of speech as guaranteed by the Constitution, regardless of whether this crybaby likes it or not.

The city should reverse their decision, put the memorial back up, and tell this Hewett nut to take a hike.

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