Man Arrested At Elizabeth Warren Town Hall For Allegedly Attacking Female Trump Supporter In MAGA Hat

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) held a town hall in Tempe, Arizona on Thursday night last week. In attendance were a number of Trump supporters in MAGA hats who were not shy about letting their political leanings be known. A man who is a Warren supporter allegedly threatened to attack a female Trump supporter in a MAGA hat and was removed for it. That attacker was 29-year-old Kristian Doak. He tried to hit one of the female Trump supporters as he was being dragged out by security.

This guy evidently got into it with the members of the AZ Patriots, who were wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats and carrying a Trump flag at the Marquee Theater. The Washington Post was all over it, of course. The Post reported that Jennifer Harrison, a member of the group, claimed he threatened to strike her as well as attempted to seize a member’s cellphone being used to record the event.

Once through the doors, Doak picked himself up as the MAGA crew taunted him about his “tolerance.” Doak then lunged over several security guards in an attempt to attack the group and he was quickly wrestled to submission by the guards.

ABC News had this to report: “The man was abruptly taken into the lobby, where he was pushed onto the ground and pinned down. At least six members of the event security staff then forcefully dragged the man, who did not appear to cooperate with attempts to bring him outside, across the lobby by his arms and legs.” Oh, and he thought it was funny.

From The Daily Wire:

“Tempe Police Sgt. Kevin Renwick said of the arrest, “It’s pretty cut and dried.” He told ABC News, “This is just people behaving badly. Absolutely it was appropriate and lawful the way the security removed him.” He concluded, “It never looks pretty, but sometimes that’s the way to do it, unfortunately.”

“Detective Greg Bacon, a spokesman for the Tempe Police Department, added the man would be charged with “assault and disorderly conduct for confronting another subject at the event.”

“Harrison said members of Warren’s campaign staff tried to block the view of the AZ Patriots by using signs. She added that, prior to the incident with the arrested man, security at the event asked her group to leave. She said, “No problem, we left peacefully, no problem. We respect the law.” But as they were leaving, the arrested man went into action, allegedly trying to seize her compatriot’s phone. She said that later the man “came after me and tried to take a swing at me.” She concluded, “Liberals cannot keep their hands to themselves at these events. They see a Make America Great Again hat and they become unglued.”

“ reported that the crowd at the Marquee Theater numbered roughly 3,000 people, and although the event was billed as a townhall, Warren took no questions.

“In May, OH Predictive Insights released the results of a poll surveying the top six Democratic candidates at the time versus President Trump. Former Vice president Joe Biden was the only Democratic candidate to lead Trump, 49%-44%. Warren trailed Trump 42%-47%. Mike Noble, Chief of Research and Managing Partner at Predictive Insights, commented, “Biden is currently the king of the hill, although just like in the childhood game many of us used to play at recess, the question remains if he will be on top of the hill when the bell rings. The winners and losers of the 2020 election cycle will greatly depend on who ultimately lands up becoming the Democratic nominee for President.”

“ pointed out, “Arizona’s primary is scheduled for March 17, 2020. 67 delegates will be awarded proportionally based on the results statewide and in each congressional district. In 2016, Hillary Clinton got 56.3% of the vote in Arizona, and Bernie Sanders got 41.4%.”’

The AZ Patriots describe themselves as a group of activists and citizen reporters standing “boldly for American values and Conservative principals.” They seem to be brash and in-your-face about getting Trump reelected but they obey the law. They were shouting chants during Warren’s speech, including, “Climate change is a hoax!” Climate change, which the U.N. calls “one of the greatest challenges of our time,” plays a key part in Warren’s speech at campaign events. The candidate did not react to chants while on stage.

This is far from the first instance in which Trump supporters have been subjected to threats and violence. It certainly won’t be the last. The Warren campaign had no comment… figures.

Sources: Breitbart, The Daily Wire, ABC News, KOLD News, American Mirror

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