Man Accused Of Islamophobia SHUT DOWN His Accuser With The Truth!

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In an age of political correctness, there is not a day that goes by where you don’t hear of someone being offended or claiming they were discriminated against. People can get bumped in the subway the wrong way or they will cry bigotry, especially in a society that encourages such behavior. Well, another day another accusation of a hate crime. Someone accused a man publically of Islamophobic discrimination but the person being accused took to social media to set the record straight.

Baker Street tube station in London.

The story goes like this. An 18-year-old Muslim woman was with a self-identified Christian friend of hers when allegedly the man in question yanked off her hijab that covered her face and then proceeded to spit in her face. They found him online, contacted his employer, and took to social media to disparage him and label him a racist.

However, the man indicated that he was simply breaking up a physical altercation between his African-American girlfriend and the friends of this Muslim woman. The crux of the story… he claims the Muslim woman and her friends attacked his girlfriend because he is white and the Muslim woman did not like the fact that he and his girlfriend were in an inter-racial relationship. Hypocrite much?

The entire ordeal went viral when the Muslim woman, whose name is Aniso Abdulkadir, posted to Twitter a statement along with a picture of the man she claims attacked her. In the statement she wrote the following next to a picture of the man,

“This man at Baker Street station forcibly attempted to pull my hijab off and when I instinctively grabbed ahold of my scarf he hit me. He proceeded to verbally abuse my friends and I, pinning one of them against the wall and spitting in her face. The woman was throwing out threats and was also verbally abusive. “

Of course, everyone immediately jumped on the anti-racism bandwagon without putting in any critical thinking skills or questioning whether or not it is true. The photo and her comments received more than 30,000 retweets in a matter of hours and people praised her. How ridiculous.

Look at some of the reactions on social media

But when the man who was accused took to social media to proclaim his innocence and tell the truth the post went largely ignored with no retweets or comments. The mainstream liberal media also refused to pick up on it.

In his statement he said the following about what really went down,

“I defended my partner by trying to completely diffuse a racist attack from three random females… I NEVER hit, or attacked anyone. In regards to recent events I was accused of a completely false allegation because I defended my partner by trying to completely diffuse a racist attack from three other random females. As a result, one of the females in particular responded by making malicious completely false allegations against me and I would like to confirm I never hit or attacked anyone I simply defused the situation by separating them.

The police are fully cooperative with me and will be able to obtain CCTV footage showing the three women attempting to attack my partner because we are in an interracial relationship.”

Law enforcement authorities have gotten involved since the British Transport Police told Breitbart London reporters they will be opening an investigation into the claims and release the CCVT video footage at a later date. That date is still unknown. But the police did note they are treating this as a hate crime investigation. A spokesman said,

“Behavior like this is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This incident has been reported to us and we’re investigating.”

This is a perfect example of how critical thinking skills have completely disappeared from the American public and instead, we have people willing to eat whatever is spoon fed to them through the media. A normal person would ask questions, and want to see pictures, and video footage, to judge for themselves what happened. But instead, people automatically blamed this man and believed a woman who provided little to no evidence.

Instead of focusing on perpetuating a narrative, such as all Muslim people are discriminated against, police should be focused on real crime that occurs. Instead of made up problems.

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