Madonna Informs Pope Francis: ‘Jesus Would Agree’ with Women Having Abortions And Killing Babies

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Is it just me or does Madonna, 60, look like she’s passed her sell-by date? Her speech seems mushy and almost garbled and her age is definitely beginning to show. That didn’t stop her from doing an interview with Australian talk show host Andrew Denton on “Interview” where she says Jesus supports women having abortions and she wants to change the Catholic church’s position on the issue. Even with a Marxist pope, that’s never going to happen. She told Rolling Stone magazine in 2015 that she regularly uses Christian imagery because of her strong connection to Catholicism.

Ironically, Madonna is a Catholic – well, excommunicated. And what she would most like to talk with Pope Francis about is Jesus’ view on abortion. “Let’s talk about Jesus’ point of view about women. Let’s talk about it,” Madonna said on the TV show, hoping to change the church’s stance on abortion. “And don’t you think Jesus would agree that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body?” she asked. No, I don’t and neither do sane, moral people. Owning your body does not give you the right to murder the unborn… or to commit infanticide. And she doesn’t have the right to presume to speak for Jesus either.

From The Christian Post:

“The music icon has had a long history of ruffling feathers in the Christian community. Her 1989 video for “Like a Prayer” was openly condemned by the Vatican for its disrespectful scenes in the church. Later on in her career, another of Madonna’s songs, titled “Holy Water,” was condemned for comparing her bodily fluids to holy water used by Catholics to bless themselves. Her “Rebel Heart Tour” also got the singer into some trouble as some of her songs were banned from being performed for being “religiously insensitive.”

“Madonna presumes that Jesus supports women “choosing” to abort their unborn babies, and suggests in her new single “God Control” that the Creator opposes people having the right to own guns.

“In a sneak peek of her upcoming “God Control” music video released on Tuesday, Madonna declared: “Guns need to be made illegal.”

“The clip starts off with the artist admitting that writing songs about “the downfall of humanity” gets her down. “Where does a girl go? She goes to the disco,” Madonna continued.

“Every day they have a kind of victory/Blood of innocence, spread everywhere/They say that we need love/But we need more than this/We lost God control,” the 60-year-old sings on her new album Madame X.

“I tried to bring the world of disco and freedom, and having that joy silenced by a small thing made of metal that can end someone’s life,” Madonna says over a clip of a man with a gun firing rounds into the club. “Guns need to be made illegal.”

“The teaser video shows clips of the singer laying on the ground after being shot dead in a nightclub along with others. Some have speculated that Madonna is referencing the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting of 2016, where an ISIS sympathizer shot 49 people dead.”

Raised Catholic, Madonna claimed in 2015 during her last album promo tour, “I’ve been excommunicated by the Catholic Church a few times. But I also feel like this new pope is kind of groovy, and I think we might be able to get together and have a chat about sex.” I kind of doubt that premise. Madonna even managed to turn the crucifix into something sexual and pagan in her interview.

“There’s something really extreme and dramatic about the idea that you know, in any church you go and you see a man on a cross, practically naked, bleeding from his wounds, and everyone genuflects and prays to him. I find that so intriguing, poetic and sometimes sexual, sensual. And the idea that people are – in a way, it’s pagan because people are worshipping a thing,” slurred Madonna.

She also said this: “It’s also my point of view about the marvelous and wonderful and magical things that a woman can do – and you could be a head of state and you could be a prostitute and both of them have – there’s something to admire about both of them. There’s an art to all of those things and one job isn’t better than another and all women that do all of these things should be applauded, respected and admired.” Always classy.

To coincide with the new album release, Madonna and TIME Studios just released a new social justice video for her song “I Rise” that’s primarily comprised of footage featuring March for Our Lives, resistance rallies, refugee camps, Black Lives Matter, and gay pride.

It would seem that Madonna believes that Jesus was a Marxist which could not be further from the truth. She may be a great singer and performer but Madonna has always struck me as damaged goods. She doesn’t seem to have a conscience, a shred of morality, or any common sense whatsoever. But she does excel at being blasphemous and the poster child for everything you don’t want your children to become.

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