“Mad” Maxine Waters Tweets That Over 90% Of Americans Want Trump Impeached, Says ‘We’re Going to Have to Do It’

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California Congresswoman Maxine Waters says the lion’s share of American want Congress to move forward on impeaching President Trump, even though he has committed no offenses to warrant it and was completely exonerated by the Mueller Report.  She said, “We’re going to have to do it.” Does she have any clue what more of this Russia Russia Russia crap is going to do to the Democrat Party?

I don’t want the Democrat Party to go away and neither do you. We want strong opposition – just not these crazy fools running the place now. Hillary actually seems like a moderate! But back to Mad MAX-ine:

She actually insinuates that more than 90% of Americans are on board with her impeachment wet-dream. Then like clockwork, Waters was destroyed by loyal American patriots on social media. You are going to love this. Some background:

This all began after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared at the Time 100 Summit.

There is a rift in the Democrat Party about moving ahead with impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Pelosi knows it’s a bad idea politically, however, you have the over the top leftists like Mad Maxine who are so stricken with advanced stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome that they insist on pushing ahead with it anyway.

“I do believe that all of us in public office, especially if there are any additional responsibilities, have a duty to the American people to keep us together … Impeachment is one of the most divisive forces, paths that we can go down to in our country,” Pelosi said on Tuesday, adding that while the facts may “lead” Congress to oust Trump, they are not there yet.

Then Waters thought it would be a good idea to post to Twitter during Pelosi’s appearance to again call for impeachment.

But wait… that’s not all.

She had warned Trump that the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report last week detailing the findings of no collusion and no obstruction did not mean it was “game over” for the president.

“Ninety percent of the calls and mail I’m receiving in my office support impeachment of Trump and so do I. Dems divided. The impeachment resolution must start with & be taken up by the Judiciary Committee.

Rep. Nadler is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee,” Waters said in a string of tweets. “Mueller kicked the impeachment ball to the Congress. The Constitution gives the responsibility to Congress to impeach an unfit president – ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’ What more do we need? #impeach45.”

Mad Maxine took it a step further with an appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball with host Chris Matthews Tuesday night. “The American people, in the final analysis, [are] going to push on the Congress to do the impeachment,” Maxine said.

“My calls are overwhelming in my office about impeachment. I have so many calls, 90% of all the calls that I’m getting, people see me on the street, and they’re talking about impeachment, when are you going to impeach?”

“And so, I think as the level of interest and the level of not putting up with this president any longer comes to the forefront, and lays on and leans on and pressures the Congress of the United States, we’re going to have to do it. We’re going to have to impeach,” Wacky Waters concluded.

Well, Americans let Auntie Maxine know she’s showing her true colors and living up to her nickname “Low IQ Maxine.” Jeana Rourke tweeted, “She lives In a small bubble with a few supporters, which are her so-called 90% – why isn’t she actually doing anything for her district which is a decaying cesspool!”

Twitter user “Mark” reminded Americans Maxine Waters was named one of the most corrupt members of Congress. And she has also been under numerous ethics investigations.

Mad Maxine doesn’t speak for the majority of Americans, that’s for sure.

Mad Maxine is no political genius. Impeachment proceedings following the Mueller investigation that found there was no collusion and no obstruction would just enrage the majority of the American electorate.

We don’t want Congress carrying out endless investigations into a matter that has been thoroughly investigated. In fact, most people believe the Mueller investigation should never have happened.

So, bring it on, Auntie Maxine. We are sure that is what most supporters of President Trump are saying.

The only thing she will achieve is helping Trump get re-elected in 2020.

A California Democratic congressman has used his party’s very first day in majority of the House of Representatives to file an impeachment resolution against President Donald J. Trump. Welcome to 2019: The year of revenge for the Democrat Party.

Brad Sherman is a jerk. I saw him get in a fist-fight at a Townhall, making a jackass of himself, but the people of Sherman Oaks don’t even pay attention – they just pull the lever for this idiot. I lived there for years and you can’t even have a rational conversation with them.

But the joke is on Sherman Oaks: Because it is so friendly to illegals and so unfriendly to business and law enforcement, the city which was once the jewel of the LA Valley is now a sewer. Trash and homeless everywhere, gangs, illegals packed into apartments by the dozens. It’s pathetic.

Thanks Sherman. You’ll be long gone on your lobbyist paid-for island when California ends up a third world nation. Jerk.

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