Looks Like Russia Just Put The World On Notice: New Nuclear Missile

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Traveling at 20 times the speed of sound, Putin has announced that Russia has a new nuclear missile that can strike anywhere in the world and can’t be stopped by any defense systems currently in place.

The intercontinental ballistic rocket has “unlimited range” and was among several others newly revealed by Vladimir Putin during his State of the Nation address from Moscow.

Of his new toys, one is a nuclear-powered cruise missile, another is a nuclear-powered underwater drone, and the crown jewel is a hypersonic missile which has “no equivalent.”

If it all sounds a bit Star Trek to you, Putin happily showed some computer-generated footage showing off the range of these weapons. As for the the unstoppable hypersonic missile, Putin promised it would be used to “neutralize” American missile defense systems.

“Russia remained a nuclear power but no one wanted to listen to us. Listen to us now.”

The Avangard

The fanciest missile in the presentation was described to be “like a meteorite, like a fireball” and can travel at 20 times the speed of sound. Using strong language, Putin said that the missile is “like a fireball” being guided to its target.

Here is one minute of footage, which is unfortunately in Russian:

The Rest Of The Speech

Throughout the rest of his State of the Nation address, the 65-year-old leader had a few more points to make:

  • The underwater drone would be named through an online naming contest.
  • The weapons have “no equivalent” in the western world
  • The weapons are intended to make American-led NATO defense systems “useless” making it impossible for NATO to “contain” Russia
  • Putin will wage a nuclear war on America if Trump decided to strike first
  • But, Putin says that he is not “threatening anyone” but rather they are just not “going to take anything from anyone.”

Trump And Rocket Man

Good thing Trump seems to want to treat Russia with the respect due to a massive country with nuclear capabilities. It’s Rocket Man, the leader in North Korea that Trump pokes fun at. Trump hasn’t felt the need to threaten the Russians because they have their side of the world, and he has his.

Putin On Trump

Previously, the leader of Russia had called Trump’s nuclear doctrine as “worrying.”

But I sincerely doubt that Trump would touch off Russia like that — the only major players that bother Russia are the ones sharing the Asian land mass. By threatening America, Russia is able to show off his good and let his neighbors know that they should not mess with him. Russia interference in America seems to be vastly overrated, but Americans looking to get sympathy and attention by calling out Russia are really not helping the situation.

Little Marco Rubio’s Lies About Russian Interference

Last spring, Marco Rubio testified at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that he had been:

“targeted by IP addresses with an unknown location within Russia.”

But this is very weak evidence. It might be true that attempts to break into Marco’s accounts and servers originated from Russian IP addresses, but literally anyone with an internet connection can use what’s called a VPN to “spoof” a foreign IP address. You see it on Twitter all the time: Pro-Trump accounts will spoof their address as Russia in order to troll lefties who see that the pro-Trump messages were uploaded from Russia.

The IP address is terrible evidence, and the tech nerd that would have given the information on the attacks to Rubio’s team absolutely would have stated that the IP addresses were Russian, but the attackers themselves were not necessarily Russian.

Rubio blamed Russia for the election interference, hoping that we’ll guess that the Russians wanted to make sure Rubio was removed from the race so that Trump could win.

John McCain and NATO

Rubio’s one thing, but Sen. John McCain is on a whole ‘nuther level.

Last March, one month before Rubio cried that Russians stole his election, McCain popped up in the Senate to say that Sen. Rand Paul was “working for Vladimir Putin” after Paul objected to a vote concerning NATO.

The NATO vote was to allow the country of Montenegro to join the organization. In 2016, Russian nationals were arrested and charged along with local politicians who were attempting to overthrow the government. McCain said that since Paul didn’t want Montenegro to be recognized and allowed to join meant that:

“[We Americans would be] now carrying out the desires and ambitions of Vladimir Putin and I do not say that lightly.”

So that makes two failed Presidential candidates — Rubio and McCain — who are using Russia as a bogeyman while ignoring real threats.

Montenegro, which is surrounded by Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Sarajevo and Croatia just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, was eventually allowed into NATO in June 2017.

Source: The Sun

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