London Proves That Guns Are Not The Problem

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The first Islamic mayor in London’s 1400 years of history is asking police to ramp up frisking for knives while he works on legislation that bans people buying knives online and receiving them at home.

Welcome to Londistan under Sadiq Khan! Not only are you more likely to be murdered in London than New York, anyone in the city will now be subject to more police frisking under the “Knife Crime Action Plan,” and underaged people will be banned from buying their own steak knives.

Mayor Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan was born in London in 1970 to a Sunni Muslim family. He is a self-described ‘social democrat’ and has been involved as an elected member of the Labour Party since 2005 before being elected as Mayor in 2016, taking over from the Conservative Party’s Boris Johnson.

Sadiqa Khan with his wife Saadiya and two daughters.

London Overtakes New York City’s Homicide Rate

A few weeks ago, London had finally achieved a higher monthly homicide rate than New York City. While NYC has cleaned up their street crime and has seen its lowest homicide rate since the 1950s, London crime has gotten out of control. Firearms are exceptionally difficult to get a hold of, so most crime in the city was due to knives.

There’s a lesson here. It wasn’t the guns that were causing violence. And it’s not the knives that currently cause violence.

More Stop And Search

In response to the recent stabbings and homicides that have edged London into dangerous territory has empowered Khan to implement a new strategy which includes adding 300 more police to the city streets to focus exclusively on gun crime. Khan has urged cops to be more “confident” and to use their authority to stop anyone they suspect of carrying a knife for a search.

Speaking with media, Khan believes that more police interference is what is needed to create a safer city:

“What you will see over the course of the next few weeks and months — is what we have seen over the last few weeks and months — which is stop-and-search based on suspicion of carrying an offensive weapon going up, more arrests as a consequence of this intelligence-led stop-and-search going up and hopefully our city becoming safer.”

Oy, Stop Carrying Knives!

At around 10am local time, Khan tweeted this link to his strategy on knife crime saying that there’s no reason anyone should carry a knife. This is insane — I would encourage any young lady who walks by herself in a city to keep a knife on her.

Laws Already Strict on Knives

Despite being a city known for stabbings — of the 47 homicides this year, 31 were committed with knives — the law had already prohibited the sale of knives to people under the age of 18, and declared that you need a “good reason” to carry a knife at all, unless it’s a folding blade with a blade 3″ or less.

It’s expected that a new strategy will be brought on board, which is to make it illegal for knives to be sent to homes when bought online.

In London, you won’t be able to buy cheap knife sets online and have them sent directly to your home without breaking the law.

Gee, I Wonder What’s Causing The Crime

In 2016, British sources revealed the top baby names for the United Kingdom. Here’s the top ten.

  1. Oliver
  2. Harry
  3. George
  4. Jack
  5. Jacob
  6. Noah
  7. Charlie
  8. Muhammad
  9. Thomas
  10. Oscar

Number 8 sure is a bit different. But what about the baby names in the city of London?

While more rural areas stick with the classic English names, in early 2017’s London, the most popular baby names for boys was…


In fact, the #1 name is Muhammad, the #2 name is Oliver, and the #10 name is Mohammed with an “o.”

Huh, that’s strange. Almost as if a massive wave of immigrants who don’t have the same Anglican values have moved into London, and instead of assimilating by giving their children English names, they’ve stuck with the name of the Muslim prophet Mohammad. It’s well known that Asian families who move to western countries give their children western names in order to let them assimilate and blend in. Isn’t it funny that there’s a population of immigrants who are actively resisting their adoptive country’s habits?

Sources: Daily Caller, Daily Mail

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