Little Alfie Evans Dies After UK Hospital Removes Life Support

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Terminally ill British toddler Alfie Evans passed away last night. Sadly, it was just five days after the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital removed his life support. You can’t blame the parents. Alfie’s parents did everything they could to help their son, but to no avail the state with their socialist healthcare policies won the battle.

‘...Our baby boy grew his wings tonight at 2:30 am. We are heartbroken. Thank you everyone for all your support.’ – Alfie Evans’ mother, Kate James.

“My gladiator lay down his shield and gained his wings at 02:30. absolutely heartbroken. I LOVE YOU MY GUY,” his father, Thomas Evans, wrote on the “Save Alfie Evans” Facebook page. “Our baby boy grew his wings tonight at 2:30 am. We are heart broken. Thank you everyone for all your support,” his mother, Kate James, posted on the “Alfies Army Official” Facebook page.

Alfie Evans was only 23-months-old. He was diagnosed with a degenerative brain condition, but in reality, the doctors never really knew what was wrong with him. Alfie Evans had been at the center of a high profile battle over whether life support should be continued.

Death panels are alive and well in British healthcare and because of that, he was given a death sentence.

Death panels are alive and well in British healthcare and because of that, he was given a death sentence. The case has stirred strong emotions both in Britain and abroad, with hundreds of thousands signing petitions supporting him.

The outreach for Alfie Evans was far and wide. Italy evan gave Alfie Evans citizenship and cleared the way for him to be flown to their hospitals for treatment, but unfortunately the socialist healthcare and state reigned.

In addition, the Pope even pleaded on Alfie’s behalf, but it was not to be. Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and the British government said ‘no’. Again, the state won the battle.

Once Alder Hey Children’s Hospital removed Alfie from his respirator, regardless of Alfie’s parents heroic battle and enduring parental support, Alfie struggled to survive. Alder Hey not only removed Alfie Evans from his respirator, they also withheld food and water. In otherwords, Alder Hey murdered Alfie Evans.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital not only pulled the plug on Alfie Evans, they also refused his parents’ request to take him home in his final hours. The hospital claimed the parents ‘didn’t have the right attitude to take home their son.


Italy says they will charge British officials with the murder of an Italian citizen.

As protesters surrounded the hospital, a number of them were arrested. Even Alfie’s priest was kicked out of the hospital, as we told the British  hospital officials, God is watching.

The Alfie Evans story began back in  2016, when Alfie was admitted to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease associated with severe epilepsy. Alfie had been in a semivegetative state for more than a year.

During Alfie’s time at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Alfie was kept alive by artificial ventilation in the critical care unit. The fight for Alfie’s care and life between the hospital and his parents resulted in a referral of Alfie’s case to the Family Division of the UK High Court for a judge to rule on whether active treatment was in Alfie’s best interests.

Sadly the result was Alfie was deemed property of the state and NOT his parents. Alfie’s parents lost all control over their child from that moment on. The socialist healthcare system and state took over. All decisions including pulling the plug and removing all food and water and the killing of little Alfie Evans is at the hands of the British state.

No one can imagine the pain and anguish experienced by Alfie’s parents, unless you too have experienced similar circumstances and lost all control and decisions involved in the life of your child.

Unfortunately, for many Americans who are probably wondering THIS case has NOTHING to do with them. Why should they worry? Sadly, this case or the Alfie Evans story is just a short step away for Americans who still have a healthcare system like Obamacare in place.

As Penny Nance, President for Concerned Women For America stated, ‘When life is reduced to money and the cost of care, it is no longer healthcare; it is socialism. Americans would do well to remember that and stay vigilant against letting it happen here.’

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) added, ‘Alfie’s tragic situation, reflecting that of Charlie Gard last year, is becoming an all-too predictable consequence of socialized medicine, and the arrogance, imperiousness, and low regard for human life displayed by the bureaucrats who administer it.’

It is time to REPEAL and REPLACE OBAMACARE, before America experiences its own Alfie Evans story.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the parents of Alfie Evans. May God Bless them and give them peace.






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