Liberals Petition To Ban Raven-Symoné From ‘The View’: Why?

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Liberals– in all their tolerant glory– want to ban Raven-Symoné from “The View.” Why, you ask? Because she wanders off the left’s thought plantation too much.


In a story from Chicks on the Right:

I mean, she’s definitely a liberal. She can squeak and squawk right up with the rest of ’em, but sometimes she gets out of line.

Strike one occurred after she offered a reasonable take on the Univision personality who compared Michelle Obama to a cast member on “Planet of the Apes.”

“Was he saying it racist-like?” Raven asked. “Because he said that he voted for her later, and I don’t think he was saying it racist…Michelle, don’t fire me from this right now, but some people look like animals. I look like a bird. So can I be mad if somebody calls me Toucan Sam?”

Strike two occurred after she said she would discriminate against someone for having a weird name.

“I’m not about to hire you if your name is Watermelondrea. It’s just not going to happen. I’m not going to hire you,” she said.

The ladies of “The View” were more upset over that than Planned Parenthood chopping up babies and selling their parts. Because priorities, you know?

Strike three came about after Raven said she didn’t want to be called an “African American.” That’s a BIG no-no.

“I’m tired of being labeled. I’m an American. I’m not an African-American; I’m an American,” she said.

There are a few other instances, but this was the final straw. Raven recently weighed in on the controversial video of the cop removing a student from a South Carolina classroom, and she had a very reasonable take.

“You have to follow the rules in school,” she said.

So liberals decided to launch a petition to remove her from the show. Over 100,000 people have signed it. Emphasis mine:

From stating that she wouldn’t hire somebody for having a ghetto name, to openly complaining about reverse racism, the final straw was her comment about the recent viral video of the school police officer assaulting the student.

Black people around the diaspora need a voice representative of their views and not a voice representative of what white people want us to say.

So let me get this straight. Because she doesn’t match up with how liberals believe black people should think, she’s no longer a true voice for black women?

They’re just oozing with tolerance, aren’t they?

Raven, don’t you know? You can’t just walk off the liberal thought plantation. Tsk-tsk.

The one thing about “Chicks on the Right” – they got it RIGHT! Liberals do NOT like it when black people don’t act like you know.. “normal” liberals. I mean liberals, like those on THE VIEW can’t have people THINK, or even think differently for that matter can they? They really, can’t handle it. It’s like saying you actually like Dr. Ben Carson for president. I mean what would happen if we actually ALL had a brain RIGHT? We might actually use it to watch other shows that REALLY matter. We might actually ask REAL questions at a debate. We might actually be FOR standing up and defending the Constitution, and you know, things like Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom for the 2nd Amendment. Wouldn’t THAT be amazing! 

To the “Chicks on the Right”, I say – Conservative Chicks Rock!

To those on “The View”, I say – How about respecting ALL views.

I’m not saying I support the Raven, but she should be allowed to express her own views on ‘The View”, just like Ann Coulter.

Ann shuts down the Raven when she says, “I am talking about a government policy that affects ALL Americans and immigrants and the people living here and its harming our country.” 

God Bless the Constitution and Freedom of Speech! 


Written by Nancy Hayes

Follow on Twitter: @bodybynance



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