Liberals Figured Out How to Get Girls Out of Sports

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I guess that there is no end to the liberal accommodations that are going to be made for students either claiming to be transgender or are transgender. Of particular concern to me is the fact that New York students may be allowed to compete on a boys or girls team, whichever suits their identity better.

Baldwinsville girls lacrosse

Personally, I do not care if anyone is transgender. Your body, your life, none of my business as long as you do not expect me as a taxpayer to subsidize your desires. The reason this concerns me is that there are girls and boys teams for a reason. Whine all day long about equality, but the fact of the matter is that girls and boys have very different skill sets when it comes to sports. Boys are more muscular and girls are lighter and faster. As a mom, I don’t want to see my kids of either gender hurt. Just sayin’.

Democrat & Chronicle reports:

Transgender boys and girls in high schools across New York soon could find it easier to compete on either the boys or girls teams, whichever aligns with their gender identity.

New York is by no means the first state to take action, but the Empire State would be among the most inclusive, experts say. Guidelines to be voted on later this month — setting out procedures for a biological male who transitions to female to try out for and play on a girls team and vice versa — ask schools to obtain minimal documentation on a student’s gender identity. A note from a parent, guardian or medical professional will do.

According to Robert Zayas, executive director for the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, the guidelines being voted on will accommodate “1o to 12″ known transgender student-athletes.

The state Board of Regents also released new guidelines that would simply allow students to decide what bathroom or locker rooms they want to use.

Maybe we should poll liberals on this question: What bathroom would “Caitlyn” Jenner use?


I’m honestly OK with all of this stuff. Really. I just don’t want my daughter run over and having a dislocated body part by a trans girl that weighs 3 times what she does. I want my kids safe at school and that includes school sanctioned after school activities.

The hard issue here is that trans kids should get a chance to play sports as well. I think this can simply boil down to good judgement on the part of the coaches and schools, and parent intervention if that looks like it is failing.

Written by Katie McGuire. Email the author at [email protected] or feel free to send hate tweets to @GopKatie, where I will be sure to do almost nothing about it

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