Teen Faces Jail for Sex With Jesus Statue

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A 14-year-old Pennsylvania boy is facing a jail sentence for taking a picture of himself pretending to have oral sex with a statue of Jesus and posting it on Facebook.

The boy is being charged with desecration of a venerated object. According to KRON-TV 4, if convicted he could receive a sentence of up to two years in a juvenile correctional facility.

Pennsylvania law defines desecration as “defacing, damaging, polluting or otherwise, physically mistreating in a way that the actor knows will outrage the sensibilities of persons likely to observe or discover the action.”

Considering the boy posted the photo below of himself in the act of desecrating the statue in front of Love in the Name of Christ, a Christian group in Everett, Pennsylvania, he doesn’t really have a leg to stand on.

(The county, not Love in the Name of Christ, is pressing the charges, by the way.)

That won’t stop liberals from defending the unnamed teen, however. The same people who cry “racism” or “hate crime” at the drop of a hat have no problem with this cherubic little hooligan’s shenanigans. Some even seem to find the incident charming.

Liberal reactions to news the teen may face actual consequences of his actions have ranged from “c’mon it’s just a statue” to protests of there being no property damage to full-throated (and dishonest) claims about free speech. At least one liberal went so far as to claim that any law that protects a religious group is a violation of the Establishment Clause. (He is of the atheist “non-religion” religion, of course.)

JerkAndJesusAtheist JT Eberhard wrote:

“So let’s say an adult (subject to harsher penalties than minors) elected to spray paint ‘Jesus loves dicks’ on the side of this boy’s school. That guy, at most (and the ‘at most’ comes in to play for people with previous criminal records, which this boy doesn’t have), would serve a year in jail – and that’s assuming the cost of having the wall repainted exceeds $150, otherwise the penalty would be less.

“But a 14-year-old does something stupid that causes literally zero property damage and he could face two years in juvenile jail because it’s a ‘venerated object’? That’s insane. That’s really ludicrous.”

One commenter wrote, “They’re going to put him in jail for coming to Jesus?” The majority of liberal comments on a number of blogs were similarly offensive and even more vulgar.

Truth Wins Out, an “LGBT” advocacy nonprofit group, protested that it’s a free speech issue.

I have zero sympathy for the kid.

He went onto private property and committed an act of vandalism and a hate crime.

Think about it. If someone walked into a synagogue and spray painted swastikas on the wall, there would be no argument that it would constitute vandalism and a hate crime. If someone walked into an NAACP office and wrote the “N-word” all over the wall, that would be vandalism and a hate crime. If someone threw bacon around the interior of a mosque, that would be vandalism and a hate crime.

But there was no property damage, liberals are saying. But there is damage done to the Christian group, its reputation and to the community around it. And it’s not damage that can be made to disappear as easily as repainting a wall or cleaning a floor. Who can seriously doubt that years from now when someone Googles Love in the Name of Christ that this image will pop up, probably in a top position? It already appears a few rows down on an image search.

This punk, who looks more like a burned-out hard 20 than 14 years old, was clearly motivated by animosity toward Christians. Thanks to Facebook, he’s gotten his message of hate to go worldwide.

Unless he wants to man up, stop hiding behind his age, and publicly admit and apologize for what he did, then he deserves every day behind bars the judge throws at him.

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