Liberal Media Did THIS To Melania Trump! The President Will Not Be Pleased!

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The President and his wife never seem to catch a break when it comes to the mainstream liberal media. They love to make a mountain out of a mole hill. But no matter how much they try to distort the truth, the truth is the truth, and it will remain in the end. One of Melania’s first acts as First Lady was to host the Netanyahu family of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of our greatest Middle Eastern ally. Melania Trump welcomed him and his wife, Sara, to the White House for their political visit. However, Melania Trump made a clumsy mistake that nobody will stop talking about despite the fact their was no malicious intent involved.

The Daily Caller reported that Melania Trump and the President escorted Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu into the White House upon their arrival and when they did, she accidentally placed her hand over Sara’s rear end instead of her backside. It gives the appearance she is feeling her up. Despite the honest mistake the mainstream liberal media won’t let it go.

The First Lady has taken the high road and not publicly commented on it. Who needs to? It’s an honest mistake and she has far better things to be doing with her time and far more important things to worry about. It is a potent reminder that no matter how much good she does, the liberal media will always find fault with her. Regardless of the fact that Melania Trump has been one of the classiest ladies to grace this nation as the First Lady, she has never taken an adversarial role with the media.  If anyone embodies the phrase, “when they go low, we go high,” it would definitely be First Lady Melania Trump. Thanks Michelle Obama for that one.


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