Let’s Amend The 2nd Amendment

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I have to agree with the Lefties (sort of). I think it is time we amend the 2nd Amendment. For over 230 years the 2nd Amendment has been in effect protecting its citizens from the hands of those who would seek to deprive us of the Liberty so valiantly obtained. The words within the 2nd Amendment have been strongly debated in recent years. We need to change this aging document to reflect the realities of the 21st century. In the past 4 years our government has engaged in activities to corner the ammunition market with tactics similar to what the Hunt brothers did to silver in the late 1970s, except no one will fine the US government $10,000,000 for their hoarding actions.

The 2nd amendment needs to be amended to include wording to the effect that the United States government cannot corner the ammunition market and artificially inflate the prices on citizens of the United States. No, let’s amp it up and go one step further by including in the 2nd Amendment that the plethora of governmental agencies that have been buying up ammunition like a drunk in a liquor store who just robbed a bank must liquidate all excess ammunition hoards at the end of each fiscal year to the citizens at the price the government paid for it.

Really, what does the Social Security Administration need with 174,000 rounds of 357 Sig, the US Forestry with 300,000+ rounds, the FBI with 100,000,000 rounds, and the Department of Homeland Security with 1,600,000,000 rounds (yes, billion) of ammunition??? Much of these purchase hollowrequests include Hollow Point bullets, outlawed by NATO for use in modern warfare, but they can be used within our borders. I’m not willing to jump onto the conspiracy bandwagon, but come on, the US military only burns through about 70,000,000 rounds of ammo a year during a time of war. Since the left is so keen on one’s sanity being grounds for gun ownership, should we really trust guns in the hands of a government who would spend $1,500,000 to study why ¾ of lesbians are fat in the US?

Immediate action is required. Take time to write your federally elected public servants now and demand that they release the ammunition back to the people, at cost. After all, didn’t they use our money to buy it anyway?


Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: @blackswampradio and [email protected]

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