The Left Will Use Women And Children To Further Their Agenda

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The truth has come to light that George Soros is responsible for funding the media coverage of the migrant ‘caravan’ from Central America that is seeing Trump send 4,000 National Guard troops to protect the border.

By providing money to Catholic-run pro-amnesty organizations, the atheist George Soros has funded the willing manipulation of mass media in order to destabilize the political structure of the United States. The price for this pro-amnesty push is laid at the feet of the women, many pregnant or with young children, who suffer the most for traveling great distances without knowing that they were only game pieces.

Caravan Stopped By Trump Actions

A few weeks ago, an announcement spread through media that a ‘caravan’ of approximately 1,000 migrants would be leaving their homes in Central America. In response, in the last week, Trump has ordered 4,000 National Guard to go to the southern border to assist with security efforts, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is looking for empty military facilities to store the migrants in, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced a zero-tolerance policy that will see first-time border crossers held until a trial.

Atheist Billionaire George Soros Funds Pro-Amnesty Catholic Group

The caravan was organized by a pro-amnesty, pro-open borders group called Pueblo sin Fronteras (PSF). The group’s website says that they “accompany migrants and refugees in their journey of hope and together demand our human rights.”

PSF has organized caravans in the past, and their website also solicits money for building new shelters for migrants passing through. The caravan-organizing group PSF has only a few links on their website, and one of them is to a Change Dot Org petition, which is another site that’s affiliated with Soros.

When speaking with media, one of the caravan leaders explained that the current crop of Central Americans include “LGBT” people as well as women and children in order to add another bit of victimhood that until now was not present. According to organizer Rodrigo Abeja:

“About 80 percent of them are from Honduras. We have around 300 minors ranging from 1-month-old to 11-years-old. As of the rest of the people, we have about 20 youths who identify as LGBT and about 400 women.”

The Spanish name for these caravans is Via Crucis Migrants, or the Migrants’ Way of the Cross, which references the stations of the cross known to so many Latin American Catholic.

The PSL had hooked up with CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project in Texas, which is an “umbrella group that focuses on providing services to illegal immigrants.” The group is part of a Catholic Legal Immigration Network known as CLINIC. Soros has been paying off CLINIC for almost ten years.  In 2015, Soros made sure that CLINIC received almost $1 million. That’s quite a sum for a Catholic, but it’s downright unthinkable for a known atheist.

George Soros Manipulates Politics By Funding Left Wingers

On our website alone we have covered Soros’ activities for years and still have not scratched the surface. Any Google search about the man will show you curated content, first from the left-wing website Snopes that desperately wants to disprove his connection with Nazi-occupied Hungary, where he grew up. Soros is one of the wealthiest investors in the world with a net worth of over $8 billion and he runs the Open Society Foundations which is part of the apparatus to fund left wingers who will work towards the progressive causes he loves.

At 87, Soros has been accused by Congressman Rep. Paul Gosar of stoking the violence at the Charlottesville event last summer by busing in the left wingers who would physically fight with the wacko far right wingers. A Russian billionaire says that Soros was responsible for funding Fusion GPS, the group that took Democratic money to buy the “Russian dossier” on Donald Trump. More recently tax documents showed that Soros had teamed up with Planned Parenthood and the NFL Players’ Union and has been accused of funding the activities surrounding the recent wave of anti-gun protests.

Media Pushing Phony “Women And Children” Narrative

The caravan isn’t about the welfare of the people, it’s about the victimhood boxes that these people check. The New York Times took the lead in describing that there were infants with “bibs and milk bottles,” not weapons. “There are children here” isn’t much of a legal argument, but it does tug at the ol’ heartstrings. Well, there are already women and children suffering in America, and inviting people in from another country isn’t going to help that.

Even more of an outrage is that the mainstream, left wing media knows that the caravan was sponsored by PSL and has ignored the follow-up question of where they get their funding from. After all, the caravan story broke on Buzzfeed’s website. Why would a pro-Catholic group choose BUZZFEED to promote their cause? There are plenty of Catholic and Christian websites that would have been a better fit.

What Now For The Caravan?

Soros has already made his point. Now, interviews with people in the caravan show that they don’t really have a plan to get back. Mexican officials have vowed to stop them, and PSL hasn’t made any plans to take them back home or help them live illegal in Mexico.

The caravan was always political. It was never about the women and children, or the lesbians or gays escaping a rotten country. It was always dirty politics.

Sources: Church Militant, CBS, Yahoo, NBC

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